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insufferable youth pastor pronouns 


@mikeburns IIRC you're a fan of

It seems to focus on providing color-less support for CLI tools. Is there an equivalent standard for websites? Like say, displaying code in blog posts with no highlighting?

gross stuff from your nose 

Mucus from your noise is called _____ when it's dry, and _____ when it's wet.

I tried some hipster tea this weekend, but I burned my mouth because I drank it before it was cool.

just got reminded of my favourite :cisco:​ Cisco Field Notice where using certain snagless ethernet cables would reset certain switches because the protective boot would press down on a button that will do exactly that

Did you know that you can set 2 or more remotes with the same alias and so push to both (or more) of them at the same time when doing a git push?

That way you can push to gitlab, gitea and github in a single command

took me way, waaay to long to realize. :blobcatnotlikethis:

Made my first contribution today. It even involved reading C code to figure out what wasn't carried over, and I've _effectively_ never read C before (here and there but never had to really understand it beyond fixing a typo or something).

Completely rebuilt my relatively simple, but well documented (in commit messages), onto sourcehut:

Look I'm fine with cis folk just please don't bring your cis cousin to my wedding unless he's willing to wear a skirt and cat ears ok? This day is supposed to be about me and I really don't need him cissing it up

setting up a new laptop and deeply regretting having opinions

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