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Woke up with big Fuck Around energy but unfortunately I think it's a Find Out kind of day.

Inventing a new programming concept called "clientless." The idea is simple: the application contains no point where it can integrate with any kind of user interface. With no client, there are no users, so you escape all of the needless complexity users inevitably bring. Your code, totally isolated from the chaos of the so-called real world, can finally be perfect

It's intentional that there is no way to browse content, see popular posts, or see comments and "engage" with an article. I want to spend my time encouraging writers to move to worthy platforms, not making a bad platform worthy.


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Since Scribe uses Medium content, I don't want to help people engage with it more than they must. My goal here is not to make a nicer Medium to engage with, but to make a less bad experience when people are forced to engage with it.


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Sometimes, I get feature requests for that at first glance seem like good ideas. But then I close them because they don't fit the project's goals. I think it might be useful to outline my goals for Scribe here.


Hey if you haven't lately, consider donating to your admin to keep your instance running.

A dichotomy of user-hostile software:

- Mainstream software: user-hostile because it has a dozen popups trying to upsell you / accept cookies / grant permission to sell your data
- OSS software: user-hostile because it expects you to know how to use GPG to sign a certificate on the command line, and fuck you if you don't know what any of those words mean

Guy Fawkes shitpost 

Surprise, I remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
Cause I looked up the reason
For the Gunpowder treason
And it wasn't as cool as I thought!

uk fedi is actually just american night crew affecting ridiculous accents and pretending to have different candy

:drake_dislike: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
:drake_like: You've Got Grail

I had way too much fun handing out Halloween candy with my socially distant “levitating” cauldron

Software that has prompts with “Yes” and “Not now” options shows an awful disregard for consent. I immediately know I have no choice and the prompt is just to wear me down and blame it on me for “agreeing”.

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