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@chartier Looks like Scroll is being shut down in a month as it's merged into an official paid Twitter offering. Bummer, but thank you for telling me about it so I could enjoy it while it lasted 😃

right hand knuckle tattoos say ISO-
left hand knuckle tattoos say 8601

javascript number duplication glitch 2021 tutorial free 

okay so there's this one bug where you can basically get however many numbers you want for free

so um right create a new .js file and open it in your favorite text editor. for javascript i recommend eclipse

and now, make a number

var num = 10;

so looks like they didn't notice this bug and actually you can do

var hacked_num = num;

and now if you do

console.log(num + hacked_num)

you will get a 20
thank u for watching please subscribe

every page is an API if you're brave enough

Look, when I say "I dunno, I'm just relaxing this weekend" what I mean is:

* Seeing a friend
* Buying a jacket
* Seeing a different friend
* Picking a domain name for a side project
* Getting a haircut
* Maybe going pumpkin picking (3rd friend)

Completing CAPTCHA's always feels like I'm doing someone's homework assignment.

- Select all trucks
- Enter the letters that you see
- What year did Abraham Lincoln...

I really wish OSS communities would stop defaulting to Discord or Slack. Your software isn’t a lifestyle. I don’t want to live with the goddamn thing. I want a forum I can visit once in a while, not to take out an attention mortgage.

I feel like we often don't acknowledge how very strange US grocery store names are. People just think it's normal to shop at a place called Big Bear or Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly.

So I used GPT-3 to add to a list of Perfectly Normal grocery stores.

A software tester walks into a bar. 

Runs into a bar.

Crawls into a bar.

Dances into a bar.

Flies into a bar.

Jumps into a bar.

And orders:

a beer.

2 beers.

0 beers.

99999999 beers.

a lizard in a beer glass.

-1 beer.

"qwertyuiop" beers.

Testing complete.

A real customer walks into the bar and asks where the bathroom is.

The bar goes up in flames.

Found this note I wrote to myself three months ago. Can anyone relate?

When I was young and still learning the ropes, there was just one type of guy: That Guy. The rule was "Don't be That Guy," and in theory, any guy who followed this rule faithfully knew where he stood.

That theory, however, turned out to be inadequate, even naïve. Nowadays, scores of new types of guy are identified every week.

But the rule has remained in place, leading to confusion and error, since no guy can keep track of all the different kinds of guy he's meant to don't be.

A paradigm shift is needed.

I play a game with @ejk where we try to find words that start with a random two letters. I was curious what the top starting letters were so I grabbed a dictionary in SQLite and found out.

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