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I haven't had to deal with Docker in months, and look just how much happier I am 😀

i want a girl with long-lasting foundation
who's tall
and grey
and sharp on the sides
i want a girl who is a brutalist building
who builds up slowly
and has people inside

a thought leader is the first few centimeters of unusable thought used to connect it to the thought takeup reel.

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Finally, the magic-based Clifford origin story we've all been waiting for

I really prefer to manually organize all my commits in a branch instead of squashing them all into one based on a PR, but it's a battle I lost long ago on seemingly every client project.

My air conditioner has achieved a rare feat: it is both working hard AND hardly working

“How likely are you to recommend Docker For Desktop!??”

Me: 0%

If you're write -lang and use Panic's Nova editor, then you my friend are in the vanishingly small percentage of people who are going to like this!

Okay who called the protocol “NTP” instead of “Timewire”

T-shirt actually stands for Tyrannosaurus shirt. Because the arms are short.

Code duplication in tests is not bad.

Change my mind.

a lot of people ask me how do you stick with alternative social media such as #mastodon when all of your friends are elsewhere. If you expect all of your friends to move here and mirror your interactions there it won't work.

Think of it this way, you don't interact with the same people and the same way in different commercial networks.

and think how you started using the ones you use regularly. There was some content you wanted to or needed to interact with.(1/3)

I may not know the difference between panacea and pancetta, but I DO know that this sandwich will solve all your problems

just spent 2 hours automating something that might have taken literal minutes otherwise

our ideas of what bicycles looked like when they roamed the earth are based on an outdated understanding of their skeletons… when they were alive they were probably mostly feathers and meat

When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

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