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I just saw the phrase: "while googling in DuckDuckGo"

(the open-source 3D software) is just such an amazing project, y'all

What a lot of people are really asking about the pandemic is "when will people stop demanding that I take other people's well-being into account?"

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Security researcher recommends against #LastPass after detailing 7 #trackers

A security researcher is recommending against LastPass password manager after detailing seven trackers found in the Android app.

LastPass Android: Drittanbieter überwachen jeden Schritt

The only thing worse than unsolicited advice is following up on unsolicited advice.

The existence of booting into safe mode on macOS implies that normally we boot into unsafe mode

@adam Hello! I just tried to visit and I get a cloudflare error. Your api sign up page appears to work though. Figured you'd want to know 🙂

🎵 async await, async await,
async await, async await,
async await, async await,
async await, async await,
in the future, the query future,
the client sleeps toniiight 🎵

And the final post tackling a step-by-step explanation of GROUP BY

This is something I struggled with a lot early on and I'm excited to share my mental model.

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My second blog post is up with a mental model for understanding JOINs.

Sorry for the self-promo, but I'm particularly proud of these.

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The article even has some helpful illustrations that even respond to Dark Mode™ via the power of SVG

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