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about pushd(1) in the shell

It allows you to go to directories you've moved to recently with `cd`.

Go to last dir: `cd -`,
Two dirs ago: `cd -2`,

Here's a good rundown:

I've been distro hopping a lot (too much?) on my old laptop. A transcript of my recent thoughts:

"Wait, how in the world does `apt-get` not work on #kubuntu?"

*5 min later*

"Oh, because this is #manjaro, that's why!"

Check out this great guide from the -lang community about how to support others via chat:

It's language agnostic, too! No Elm knowledge needed.

@ashfurrow You've given us so many wonderful memes over the years. I can only offer you this one, meager content in return. May you use it in your most desperate time of need.

Depressing US COVID numbers 

Dang my math is bad. It’s actually 0.1%

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Depressing US COVID numbers 

1% of the US population has now been killed by COVID. Sorry this is on Christmas.


If we both still haven't found a linux distro by the time we're 40 let's just find one together.

Anyone hiring contract or devs? Got a friend that just got kicked down to 40% capacity.

I just learned that one of my coworkers never presses the shift key. If they need to create a capital letter, they hit caps lock every time. 🤯

TIL you can hover over IPA symbols on Wikipedia and it will tell you how to pronounce that symbol

omg the server version of Factorio is depicted with a headless penguin

Also, on a computer, you can visit https://<team name> and click [Sign out all other sessions]. This will sign you out without removing the team from your sidebar. It puts a ⚠️ sign next to the icon and you won't receive any notifications! Come back Monday, visit that team and you'll only have to sign in again and you're back to business.

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If you want to disconnect from work Slack but don't want to remove it totally:

For iPhones: in the App Store there is an app called Slack for EEM. This is another version of slack that is "for enterprise" but connects to most (any?) teams anyway. You can switch your work slack to this and then it's very easy to quarantine all notifications. Just turn em off for that app in Settings.

Random thought: One thing that distinguishes a more senior programmer from a junior one is how good they are at not getting stuck on a problem.

It's kind of another way to say they have "experience" but I think it's an interesting measure of experience.

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