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“Step 1 for making grape jam: PEEL ALL THE GRAPES so that you can remove the seeds from the pulp.” 🍇🍇🍇


Ain't nobody got time for that! Grape juice it is! 😂

The only good thing about single page apps is that the API they are forced to write can be exploited for... uh... no reason in particular.

Irrational pet peeve: When trailers sync sound effects to their "dub step" soundtrack. I think the goal is heighten the drama, but for whatever reason it always feels corny and takes me out of the moment.

Coming back to after over a year mostly away from it. WOW consistency and strong conventions across a community is _so_ great! I miss my types though.

what do Buddhist monks and boomers trying to email you a file have in common? 

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Finally had enough of things failing because devs don't check their return values, wrote two blog posts about it:

> design the user experience to include error messages in a helpful manner

> This covers the synchronous errors, but now we have a background job that is about to make a network request. As the comic says, “oh no!”

Well, I accidentally set the poll to end in 5m so we may never know. Maybe Big Yawn is mind controlling me 🤔

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Is yawning a form of mind control?

Fun fact: When I was a kid I thought that, since the “Alt Gr” key in most laptop keyboards was wider than the normal Alt key, therefore it meant that its full name was Alt Grande.

My husband just walking in on me, huddled in a corner of the kitchen, sniffing the fresh donut peaches, holding the small crate like Gollum and his precious.

The Legend of Zelda: Link in The Description

Approximately how would you describe your use of the follow button on here? (boosts welcome)

My toothpaste has ~3 days left

So I buy more toothpaste

And now my old toothpaste lasts for ~7 more months

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