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I'm so delighted that our webring is made up of web devs, open web nerds, and neocities sites.

@danbarber Do I remember correctly that you do pixel art? What tools do you use?

Any word with an "I" you can make weird by replacing it with a "U". Examples:


A promise to you all: If you want to start a blog and you're considering medium: don't. I will personally help you set up anything else.

I believe this is how and redux work: a giant nest of functions that pass in the single piece of state that then works its way back up the stack, returning new state. (Not 100% sure on this)

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A thought that occurred to me this morning is recursion can be an alternative to state.

Example: say you want to find matching pairs in a large list. You could look through every item and...

A) Set matches aside in a tmp list

B) Pass in the remaining items into the same function, work back up the stack combining all the items together

Sometimes the best rubber duck is someone sitting over your shoulder to make sure you keep typing.


Ohio is targeting young voters in a purge - OF COURSE this will affect Bernie Sanders more than any Democrat.

Please read! BOOST THIS, and if you live in Ohio, check your registration.

Links are in the following Twitter thread.

Your top 3 must-play games of the last decade are ...

Pro-tip for Firefox users: open a new tab, now prefix whatever you type in the address bar with "%" to search your open tabs and switch to one.

The best part about following @fool is you sound like a campy villain when replying to him. Example:

@fool your amateur toots have no effect on me. How dare you test my intelligence?

Coding is wild. It took me four days to build one half of a feature, and then ~24 minutes build the other half.

I'm not sure if these petitions actually work, but I'm very into this one:

Stop Netflix Autoplay Advertisements

Nerd blog post! 

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