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How to migrate from one Mastodon server to another without losing followers:

1. Sign up on new server
2. On NEW server: Go to Account -> Moving FROM another account
3. Enter old account's handle
4. On OLD server: Go to Account -> Moving TO another account
5. Enter new account's handle and submit

#YoMigroaMastodon and its services will be shut down on March 31st of 2020.

End of an era, I guess.

@mastonaut Hello! Use the app every day and it's great. Thank you for making it. Is this the best place to make feature suggestions? Is there an issue tracker somewhere?

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

Wait a sec, is Billy Dee Williams' name actually William Williams?

I've been working on an algorithm on and off for 3-4 years and I finally cracked it!

My hobby: using image search to find random bitmoji to send to people instead of making my own

Hi Fediverse 👋

as a little christmas present, let me tell you that we successfully migrated all content to the new beta version of the website 🎁

Feel free to have a look around and leave some feedback, thoughts and ideas 💬

Next steps will be to improve the start page and thinking about where to host the new site. 🆕

Furthermore, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Have a peaceful time🎄


If you can replace the action elements in an action movie and the movie doesn’t change, it’s not really an action movie is it? Same for Christmas movies.

But it happens at Christmas and there’s even a Christmas party, you say. It doesn’t matter. It could be literally any time of year and or any other holiday and the plot would be identical.

Good article on deplatforming. For the most part, it works and this provides some specific examples:

How do you pronounce `sudo`?

one thing i really miss on mastodon is deals from my favorite brands, unobtrusively tailored to my interests as signaled by my browsing habits and chat history

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