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If you want to be a better cook, read Salt Fat Acid Heat. It’s 1/2 guide, 1/2 cookbook - and I just made this peanut-lime Conveyor Belt Chicken and rice bowl masterpiece

I'm learning and made this little house. This took me weeks to make which seems silly, but I'm pretty happy with it. Feedback welcome!

My niece is playing Mario Kart and she calls Toad Todd and it’s honestly funnier than anything I’ve said all year.

what should i do with the domain please boost

PSA: Many Corsera courses are free and can be done at your own pace despite many dark UX patterns. Enroll regardless of when the class "starts" and chose to "audit" or ignore the paid certificate.

Yearning for a hoppy beer with a splash of 90s nostalgia? Hi, we're the Hanson brothers, and we make beer:

My coworker just told me about Coffee + Fruit drinks (like cold brew + OJ or espresso + lemonade) and I just do not know what to believe anymore.

@mastonaut Any plans to make a unified timeline (toots + replies + dms)? Then only a single column is needed for all three 🙂 Any alternatives to Spotify's algorithms to find new music for you based on what you listen to?

CloneHigh (a satirical cartoon from the early 2000s) is *chef kiss*

@mastonaut Hello and thank you for the app! If you hover over the (what I assume is) the poll option in the compose pane, the tool tip is for content warnings


If you were having issues logging in after the previous update, I do apologize. I’m happy to announce that the update that fixes this has been approved and should show up on the App Store anywhere from now to the next couple of hours.

If logging-in fails again, try a second time, because Mastonaut will now refresh its credentials after a failed login.

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