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Anyone know if ruby and python have been removed from macOS Catalina? I heard this but I can't confirm it.

> Starting with the macOS Catalina beta, your Mac uses zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell.

Aye where’s the #apple community round these parts? Writers, developers, creators, etc.? I want more peeps and to help boost y’all, especially marginalized groups.

@switchingsocial I'm not sure if you've posted this before but I found this set of tools for switching off Medium to your own blog:

Since the topic of #censorship is going around again, it might be a good time to brush up on a PSA about how censorship and platforms work.

@mastonaut The app is so great! I also have a handful of big and medium feature requests, but I want to let you bask in your glory for a bit 😊

A quick bug report: The "Click to load more" isn't working for me:

Thanks again!

To leave #vim with a non-zero exit code use `:cq`.

Useful to abort a #Git commit or a #Bash `fc` command


Rome wasn't built in a 1-point user story

Day 2 and a couple more tools added:

(via moreutils)

[sister has a child]

Do you want aunts? Because this is how you get aunts.

My client is looking for an outside firm to audit the security of the project we're finishing: and apps with a backend. He's saying words like but I'd be happy with a simple code review.

Does anyone on my timeline offer such a service?

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