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Cool feature I learned about:

If a join uses the same column name on both tables, you can shortcut the join condition with USING:

SELECT * FROM offices
JOIN employees USING (company_id)

There it is. Google is breaking the basic trust model of the web so their force-fed AMP platform is slightly less confusing for users.

People can't tell they're on the wrong page if the address bar lies to them. #web #webdev

Hmm actually this isn't a thing that was fixed. It's just that I'm trying out Firefox and it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whoever updated the mastodon web client to keep the currently focused toot in view, THANK YOU!

@corbin Do you know much about the Verizon Palm phone? Or other small Android phones? My wife is looking for one.

Visual Studio Code, as most know it, is an example of non-free open-source software.

The downloads are released under the following license and not the one the source code is released under:

The source code is modified before being compiled and then released on the VSCode website. That's why it's licensed MIT and not GPLv3, otherwise this would not be legally viable.

See here:

Try VSCodium instead:

Does anyone know the author of this piece of

@ejk and I are doing a cross-stitch of it and we want to give credit.

Please stop building email apps that store our credentials and conversations on your servers.

Wet blanket about a comic 

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