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Extremely unix question (POSIX) 

sure, writing code is fun, but have you ever deleted a whole bunch of it?

New version of the Lucky Framework released! We added multi db support, custom primary keys, and type-safe polymorphic associations. Check it out!

Iterating on the small pixel house. Now it's more of a pixel manor, with attic windows and a cellar. I also changed colors and the perspective to be isometric.

Let me introduce you to my animal companions: Squoosh is Too Big, Squash is the perfect size for snuggles, Squish gets lost on adventures, Piggy hides in strange places, Blue Bear is the favorite (and he knows it, being 32 himself), and Lion likes to be a pillow.

Yeah sex is great but have you ever been the first person to add a reaction emoji to a Discord/Slack message and then a bunch of people also use it, thereby validating the long, disparate string of life choices you made to bring you to that moment in time?

What are some features that can be dropped into almost any game and instantly make it better for you?

@Ayshiun Woah the blurring/RGB separation/VHS look/whatever you call it looks great on this!

@mperham I've done the picture thing too. If it's a barcode, I've used something like this in the past:

If you want to be a better cook, read Salt Fat Acid Heat. It’s 1/2 guide, 1/2 cookbook - and I just made this peanut-lime Conveyor Belt Chicken and rice bowl masterpiece

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