Random thought: One thing that distinguishes a more senior programmer from a junior one is how good they are at not getting stuck on a problem.

It's kind of another way to say they have "experience" but I think it's an interesting measure of experience.

US Pol, Hot Take 

@corbin Yeah I hear you. This whole thing is so infuriating, and that may have helped a lot.

FWIW this actually almost did happen. Obama did ask RBG to step down, but she still felt like she could do more good, and also there were other people (besides the non-white, non-male judge) he could have asked but didn't.

@codesections Interesting thought! I don't have any useful opinions here but I did also want to point out that Jonathan Reinink (of the popular tailwind.css) is publicly Christian github.com/reinink

I wish I had written this. Assuming "best intentions" doesn't work for those outside the societal norm, and here is exactly why:

Beyond Best Intentions

a Prime Minister is a minister who is not divisible by ministers other than themselves and the Unit Minister

This is amazing - a #search engine for personal websites that also implements #IndieAuth.

Just added myself on here. 😀


@Gina I'm still trying to debug some Centos systemd issue 😭

People who still use harmful social networks feel like single-issue voters to me. "Oh, I don't really care about $CANDIDATE's views as long as they support $ISSUE."

Seems exactly the same as "Yeah, I don't like some of Twitter's policies, but where else can I build my brand, you know?"

@mastonaut Am I misremembering or did there used to be profile/hashtag search in Mastonaut? I can't find it!

To do Q&A they've set up "sticky note walls" in each room. You can vote on the notes.

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So I'm at a conference for rogue-like games this weekend (roguelike.club/) and they built a whole interactive virtual space you can move around in

@fool This is the biggest reason I unfollow someone. More so than if I don't agree with what they're saying.

@brunoph This will depend on the context that the choice is in but I could see a label "Appear From:" and then a dropdown/radio buttons that say Top/Bottom or Start/End

You could change the verb before "From" to be more appropriate: Read From, Show From, Take From, etc

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