@Readlebee I recognize that familiarity is important also and you're totally right to take that into account. On the other hand, this might be a good excuse to dive into a ⭐️ new thing ⭐️!

Either way, good luck and I'm excited to use Readlebee! 😀

By the way, Mastonaut’s newly-introduced shared logic framework is called “CoreTootin”

Milo Dipshitopolous, deplatforming works 

the future is disappointing because who would've ever imagined that it would suck so bad to get a phone call from a robot

Alternatively because innie has some other connotations, there's also inset/outset

@fdgonthier Oh dang, I had never heard it used like that. Thanks for the heads up.

What if instead of Male/Female cable connectors, we use innie/outie?

innie USB-A to outie USB-B
outie/outie HDMI cable

@fool we shall together roll a die amongst PHP's documentation. Whatever function it lands on is yours.

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