VSCO, the photo sharing app/service, has a grant program called VSCO Voices. You can pitch a creative project to bring voices to underrepresented communities and help tell their stories.

Applications due 2/18. Winners receive a $20,000 grant, mentorship, and other resources. Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity.


#photography #grants #VSCO #community #marginalized #inclusion #diversity

In the Lucky Framework (luckyframework.org, Rails-like web framework in Crystal) you write views as methods. It's weird at first but I love it because all your views are type-checked at compile time.

It does get tedious to convert HTML to Lucky's syntax so we made an automatic converter! luckyhtml.herokuapp.com

Paste any HTML here and we'll make it into Lucky's view syntax for you.

Bouldering is one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube so I decided to film myself and see if I can’t get better. 🧗‍♀️youtu.be/64_zh6EG0ys

Consider this an open invite to anyone that wants to climb with me in Portland, just DM!

Does anyone #onhere have any experience using or deploying Collabora Online as a G Suite replacement?

@jalcine Oh no, I have no idea what that means and I'm too afraid to ask except now I'm asking 😬

@jalcine Thanks, that's helpful. I think I had seen it but I was overwhelmed by everything. Helps for someone to focus where to look 😀

Can someone explain to me what sr.ht does? It's not clear to me from the website why I would use it but it seems like it's probably a cool service worth supporting. Please @ me 🙂

thanks to whoever defined plethora for me

it means a lot

I love workflow descriptions like this: piet.me/blog/organizing-git-pr

I'm not sure this flow would fit the way I think but I the thought process is great.

This is a great series where a reporter decides to block a big tech company for a whole week.

For example, Google: gizmodo.com/i-cut-google-out-o

I think these are a great intro for non-tech folks to see how pervasive they are.

@amirrajan I've always wanted an excuse to read through this whole article and apply it: redblobgames.com/grids/hexagon

Maybe you'll find it useful. Good luck either way! 🙂

@xuv @masklayer @wendy @raphaelbastide @blackle

Hi! I'm help run this, oh rarest of webrings. More people welcome! No javascript required!

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