@mastonaut @brunoph Aw that's a bummer. I wonder if it would be worth setting up an instance for devs that reboots itself every night with master (as long as master's tests pass) so devs could run tests against upcoming features every day.

It turns out that setting a timer on your phone is not the best response to, "Can we be serious for a minute?"

Are you a UK-based artist? Do you have a climate-related project idea? Do you want to get paid to develop it? Do you want me to have your back on the tech side? Apply for a winter residency at Watershed (where I work, starting July 1): watershed.co.uk/jobs-opportuni

"You (probably) don’t need ReCAPTCHA" by Kevin Davis kevv.net/you-probably-dont-nee

Great post. Anecdotally, I can say that adding a "click this invite link" notice to toot.cafe has stopped almost all of the spam. Maybe I should take his advice and add a simple "What's 2 + 3?" or something similar.

@ejk If being a Snack Lord is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

@amic This is gonna be the year of Linux for Girls, I can feel it.

@james Sorry I don't know, but I can't find confirmation of that anywhere. A friend installed the beta and it still had them. Do you know where you saw this?

Anyone know if ruby and python have been removed from macOS Catalina? I heard this but I can't confirm it.


> Starting with the macOS Catalina beta, your Mac uses zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell.

Aye where’s the #apple community round these parts? Writers, developers, creators, etc.? I want more peeps and to help boost y’all, especially marginalized groups.

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