It's been wild looking at Scribe's traffic. It's the most popular thing I've ever put onto the internet by a few orders of magnitude. All hosted on a ~$5/month server, running on renewable energy, too.

Here are some stats after the first week:

I play a game with @ejk where we try to find words that start with a random two letters. I was curious what the top starting letters were so I grabbed a dictionary in SQLite and found out.

I learned that 1Password on macOS can support native app passwords if you set the password's "Website" as the app's bundle identifier (like If you create a password while the app is active, it will add the identifier for you.

Recreating a design in CSS without ever reloading the page, live in front of an audience, was... pretty fun! I think we did a decent job. Here's the result:

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The only thing worse than unsolicited advice is following up on unsolicited advice.

@ashfurrow You've given us so many wonderful memes over the years. I can only offer you this one, meager content in return. May you use it in your most desperate time of need.

Depressing US COVID numbers 

1% of the US population has now been killed by COVID. Sorry this is on Christmas.


So I'm at a conference for rogue-like games this weekend ( and they built a whole interactive virtual space you can move around in

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