Hah! Someone made their computer make a small noise every time it sent data to Google:

@edwardloveall It beeps every time I open and close my browser.

I'm using DuckDuckGo. On hardened Firefox. 😱

@jforseth210 Would love to know if you find out what's happening. Maybe an extension?

@edwardloveall Hmm. Silent in safe mode. Guessing it's an extension (or several).

@edwardloveall Pushbullet beeps every time I disable and re-enable it. It may be time to find an alternative...

@edwardloveall Not its really not, but it hits different somehow, actually hearing it.


LOL @ the second video...

This reminds me of the cow that goes moo every time your EZpass gets read (surprise, it's more often than you think!)

@edwardloveall Yay, my setup works!! Adguardhome with google and facebook blocking lists means I am beep free :)

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