:drake_dislike: Let's find a time to connect.

:drake_like: Let's play calendar battleship.

@edwardloveall honestly someone needs to come up with a better way. I learned a better way to break down boxes once years ago and have been using it ever since. All I need is to learn a better way to schedule one ☝🏻 time

@greatlevi I want to know about how to break down boxes!

Also I had a terrible idea and it's called Calendar Escrow and Big Tech better not take that and run with it.

@edwardloveall lol you'll have to explain calendar escrow to me!

The better way to break down boxes 😌😌😌 honestly one of my favorite pieces of knowledge. It was taught to me by an epic old janitor lady at my highschool, and I was like 🤯
Here, I found a YouTube video which shows it (30s long)

@greatlevi Woah that's great, and a great video too!

My (terrible) calendar escrow idea is that you introduce a THIRD service that takes credentials of BOTH calendars, and then can figure out free time without giving any other calendar details away. It is rife with security and privacy vulnerabilities.

@edwardloveall haha that sounds like the nft's of calendars 😁 but yeah keep experimenting! For me, I don't really have all my calendar info in one digital place, it's on notes and alarms and in my head.

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