I figured out how to make contour maps with zero geometry in . It's a fun technique. If you're interested I wrote it all up with lots of screenshots:

@edwardloveall Cool idea! That pattern was somehow familiar to something I did in the past, so I tried it myself. Then I remembered it: you can get similar results by plugging noise into the vector of another noise texture, like a Voronoi texture. Oh and the discretization step could be achieved by the "snap" math node too, which is a bit easier.

@sml Oh nice! I totally forgot about snap 🤦🏼‍♂️

The noise -> voronoi does look cool! The thing I wanted to avoid was how it the line width can change dramatically based on how different the change it which this suffers from. It's a great effect though!

@edwardloveall Yeah I usually use noise -> noise for stuff like procedural planet textures or other advanced materials.
Another option might be to wrap the noise values and then use the difference between two colorramps. The lines width is more even, but you might struggle with fitting the discretized color map perfectly to the lines.

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