I've made an alternative frontend to Medium:


If you, like me, are occasionally forced to read articles on medium.com, now you can read them on Scribe instead! Feedback welcome.

@miklo Hey, thanks! 🙂 Sorry they're broken. Someone else submitted the patch and convinced me they might be useful to others, so I added them. lists.sr.ht/~edwardloveall/scr

You're the second person to say they're broken in some way. Maybe I should remove them to prevent confusion 🙁 or at least change the README

TBH I'd recommend trying to get it set up without Docker since the dependencies are pretty normal (crystal & node). If you're set on Docker, that's not a thing I can help with.

@edwardloveall Finally i have got it!
Just wrong version of node image pulled by docker...
Deployed under domain : scribe.citizen4.eu

@miklo Well done! You're more than welcome to send any Docker updates and I'll likely merge them!

Also, would you like me to list you as one of the instances? git.sr.ht/~edwardloveall/scrib

@edwardloveall Probably there is no need to correct anything in dockerfile.
I had got error because i had already node:latest image cached from old version. I have corrected my dockerfile just to be sure to pull given version but any fresh install should be OK from file in your repo.

@miklo You may want to set your APP_DOMAIN environment variable to your domain name. It's what sets the url in the How-to section of the homepage.



@edwardloveall i still see localhost with APP_DOMAIN=scribe.citizen4.eu set

@miklo hmmm yeah. I’ll take a look in a bit. Maybe it’s something else. Sorry for the confusion

@edwardloveall FYI : my docker is behing reverse proxy ( that provide https cert. and routing) . Does it matter ?
Everything seems to work OK , except this domain in how-to.

@edwardloveall OK i see that APP_DOMAIN is used when Lucky::Env.production is set . Can i set this using only environment variable ? ( I use docker deployment without any custom volumes and config files.

@edwardloveall OK. after i had added LUCKY_ENV=production it's working now. But with this production profile another (redundant?) env are expected: PORT, DATABASE_URL.


@miklo Yeah that could use some clean up. For DATABASE_URL you can set it to DATABASE_URL=postgres://does@not/mater

PORT is odd. You can probably set that to 8080 which is what I think you had before. Or maybe it's just unused. Like I said, it needs clean up 😬

@edwardloveall Anyway it seems to work now as expected. I will keep this service running so it could be nice to add it to your list of instances

@edwardloveall I have uploaded docker image to docker hub: hub.docker.com/r/miklobit/scri
There is no CI - docker hub support CI/automatic build only for github (as far as i know) .

@miklo I'm not really sure what this does, but neat! Do you have any interest in taking maintaining the Docker files? I'm obviously not the person to do it, but I'd link to you from the README.

@edwardloveall What is does is to provide ready to use application package that can be deployed with one simple command described ( docker run , docker stack etc..).
After you change application code new image has to be build but it doesn't (necessary) mean changes in Dockerfile.
I will try to keep Dockerfile and docker image up to date with application changes.

@miklo That took longer than I wanted, but I added your site the list of instances. Thanks again for standing up a server!


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