that a button can submit a form, even if it's not inside the <form> tag. It just needs to have a `form` attr that matches the <form>'s `id`. It can also pass a custom post parameter using the `name` and `value` attribute.

This is useful for "Submit _and_ do something else", e.g. Save vs Save and Exit

Also really cool for having some kind of global navigation where the forward and back buttons are on a totally separate part of the page. No javascript needed!

@edwardloveall Why not just links for that? (I may be misunderstanding something about the user-case.)

@varx great question! For me, links should be idempotent, i.e. not alter any data. The particular use case I had that brought this up was I needed to submit a form in all cases (save, save & next thing, etc.) but then redirect to a different URL. A link wouldn't be the right semantics for all of that combined. Plus, you can't send a post request with a link. 🙂

@edwardloveall Ohh, back/forward like in a survey or a checkout flow, got it. 👍

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