A promise to you all: If you want to start a blog and you're considering medium: don't. I will personally help you set up anything else.

@edwardloveall Interesting. I have friends who have blogs on Medium. I don't know much about Medium. Never used it. Why Medium shouldn't be considered?

@tiphra I think medium in theory could be great, like tumblr/hosted wordpress/others. But in practice they have some dark patterns to try and force readers/writers into their ecosystem, which is the opposite of what I want blogging (and the rest of the internet) to be.

We should be free to move our content around to anything and not be locked into a platform. If Medium goes under, their customers are SOL.

Also their reading experience is bad and they show no signs of fixing it.

@edwardloveall Hey. Any fun reading about why not medium? Like I think I get it but maybe there are some news out there I've missed. Love your supportive approach, I'm offering the same re other platforms.

@onymous That's great to hear!

I summarized some of my reasoning here: and after skimming through this post I think it captures a lot of my thoughts:

I should probably blog about it one day, but for feeling so strongly about blogging, I don't actually like writing that much 😂

@edwardloveall Thanks, that was an interesting read. While agree the medium domain thing is bad, I'm not sure I agree domain names is the/should be the ultimate ownership symbol. It's part of it, and a great start, but I think identity/ownership of content should be tied to something else. Some other identifier. What I do not know, though. Maybe cryptographic signatures, somehow. If only that was more easily manageable.

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