@switchingsocial Any alternatives to Spotify's algorithms to find new music for you based on what you listen to?


It's not free or open, but I guess might be one option?

Commercial music is difficult to do freely due to licensing issues etc. :blobsad:

@switchingsocial Yeah fair. I'm wondering if the recommendations could be separated from the music somehow? Thanks for the response!


There's too, but I'm not sure if it is being maintained.

It's sort of like a free version of

I would ew command you mixcloud app. It's some kind of a radio/podcast app, but the curators are amazing there.
You light be able to discover new things while having a link to buy the track/album.
And from there, run a @funkwhale instance. 😊

@edwardloveall @switchingsocial Do you mean something like this?
Another strategy that works for me is just searching "artists similar to x" and then looking at the ones recommends.
Edit: Had to fix a broken link.

@LPS @edwardloveall @switchingsocial Awesome! I'm glad I could help someone. :)
And speaking of music, Heather Dale is amazing. If you don't like her, you don't have a soul. :P

@switchingsocial @rockthrower Thanks for the suggestion. The site's not loading for me unfortunately 🙁

@edwardloveall @switchingsocial It is loading for me even with uBlock Origin on medium. It looks similar to some of the others shared, so probably not a huge loss. It's really good for exploring similar artists and genres, though. It does use Spotify for samples, I think.

@rockthrower Ah I figured it out: My browser was trying to visit the HTTPS version which times out. Cool site, thanks!

@edwardloveall @switchingsocial

YouTube Music. They have decent recommendations (if you've liked some tracks already) and you won't be bothered with ads if you use a YT-adblocker addon.
You can download each track (or whole playlists) with this tool:

@77elements @edwardloveall @switchingsocial or just use plain gtk-youtube-viewer (desktop) or NewPipe / NewPipe Legacy (android) 😁

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