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Achievement unlocked: shoveled our first snow as home owners. ❄️

Today I read what basically seemed like a hit-piece on Mastodon to warn people away from it because of internal disputes.

Yet here I am, enjoying my feed of #Linux and tech fans, seeing no adverts, not having random tweets promoted that I couldn't give a rats arse about, not having to *for the tenth time* tell it to order my toots normally...the list goes on.

Mastodon is lovely.

I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive:

Overwhelmed by too much music? Can't keep track of it all? I've got a solution for you:

Wowowow what a cool site.

And part of a pretty cool webring 😉

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Smart Timelines à la iTunes Smart Playlists would be an awesome power-user feature for a Mastodon client.

Usually, if I don't want to use a feature, I can usually understand someone might want it.

But in the case of GitHub status messages, I'm am at a loss.

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Happy #PortfolioDay!
I'm a digital artist. Looking for commissions (e.g. album art, tattoo design, concept art, book covers). A full tarot deck is also in the making. :)


#art #illustration #mastoart

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@starbreaker Welcome to Hotline Webring (even those I misspelled the URL 😬)!

How apps on Android share data with Facebook...

At least 61 % of apps automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment people open the app, whether they have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not.

#FuckFacebook #FuckAndroid #SurveillanceCapitalism

TIL about base58 which is like base64 but only alphanumeric characters and no ambiguous looking characters (zero, capital O, capital I, lower l)

I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse over the weekend and it was great. Try to go in knowing as little as possible and it will likely delight you.

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