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if you post from mastodon with your phone you are tooting from a horn because horn is an oldtimey slang for phone do you get it you are tooting your own horn

Yeah git is cool and all, but the best version control is my clipboard history.

What's nut neutrality and why does everyone care so much about it

Attention artists of all stripes: Stop offering to work for free. You're poisoning the well for more experienced artists, and screwing yourself over in the long run. Build your portfolio on your own time and then charge what you're worth.

u ever wonder if crematory operators realize halfway home that they left the crematory on?? follow for more relatable posts

Turns out you can git pull a GitHub PR by number:

git fetch origin pull/50/head:pr/50 && git checkout pr/50

Are you in the Boston area and want to learn how to code for free? Buddy, I've got a workshop for you!

US Law states that if you sing the Duck Tails theme song, people around you have to sing the "Woo ooo!" part.

Pleroma: A federated microblogging server/client written in Elixr:

Pretty intriguing.

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Actually, "Spaghetti-O" is already plural, like "surgeons general". The correct singular is "Spaghettoo".

Anyone seen any job applications that actively try to invite under represented minorities to apply?

Lookin for more than just "removing bias" or having the standard "equal opportunity" disclaimer. Something that says "Hey you, yes you, you should apply!"

My hobby: pronouncing .io domains like they are fake Italian words:


VSCO, the photo sharing app/service, has a grant program called VSCO Voices. You can pitch a creative project to bring voices to underrepresented communities and help tell their stories.

Applications due 2/18. Winners receive a $20,000 grant, mentorship, and other resources. Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity.

#photography #grants #VSCO #community #marginalized #inclusion #diversity

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