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I may not know the difference between panacea and pancetta, but I DO know that this sandwich will solve all your problems

just spent 2 hours automating something that might have taken literal minutes otherwise

our ideas of what bicycles looked like when they roamed the earth are based on an outdated understanding of their skeletons… when they were alive they were probably mostly feathers and meat

When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

most of what i know about buddhism comes from this website which leads me to assume it's actually some kinda linux distro.

one customer is always right, the other always lies

Microsoft Teams let you join a meeting that's scheduled to happen in 2 days and lets you wait without telling you and I think that's beautiful

Good Morning :blobcatcoffee:

FundOSS is matching OpenCollective donations for #Pixelfed today, please donate if you can! 😁

today I remembered the syndicated newspaper comic strip "COMPU-TOON" exists, drawn by a man who does not know what a computer is and does not care to learn

what your magic the gathering deck color says about you 

red: huge nerd
black: huge nerd
white: huge nerd
green: huge nerd
blue: huge nerd
colorless: huge nerd

Smelling stuff is nature's way of right clicking on something and selecting 'properties'

understudy role for main character of mastodon

see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

Write Freely is a Fediverse alternative to Medium.

It's a free open blogging platform that lets you write long articles on the Fediverse, which can be interacted with from Mastodon etc.

You can find an instance to join at

Alternatively, you can set up an instance yourself either directly (instructions here: or through a managed hosting service (for example

#FediTips #Fediverse #WriteFreely #Blogging #Blogs #Blog

It’s a gooey mess, but strawberry rhubarb pie is the ultimate pie.

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