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The only thing worse than unsolicited advice is following up on unsolicited advice.

The existence of booting into safe mode on macOS implies that normally we boot into unsafe mode

@adam Hello! I just tried to visit and I get a cloudflare error. Your api sign up page appears to work though. Figured you'd want to know 🙂

🎵 async await, async await,
async await, async await,
async await, async await,
async await, async await,
in the future, the query future,
the client sleeps toniiight 🎵

And the final post tackling a step-by-step explanation of GROUP BY

This is something I struggled with a lot early on and I'm excited to share my mental model.

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My second blog post is up with a mental model for understanding JOINs.

Sorry for the self-promo, but I'm particularly proud of these.

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The article even has some helpful illustrations that even respond to Dark Mode™ via the power of SVG

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I wrote a 3-part blog series on . It's about getting back to the basics and reinforcing your mental model of things like SELECT, WHERE, JOIN, and GROUP BY.

Part 1 out today!

One small reason why 2020 was a wild year is that Trent Reznor scored a Disney movie.

Annoyed by those #Spotify exclusive podcasts that cannot be added or listened to in regular #podcast aggregators/apps? You might want to take a look at this handy #FreeSoftware service converting Spotify podcasts into regular #RSS feeds:

Spotify filed a patent to get in on that Facebook game and start listening to users, their friends, and their environment to serve better ads oh whoops wait I mean ‘for better music recommendations.’ Yeah, that’s it. 🙄

I have decided that Dodie's musical aesthetic should be called "Whisper Anthem"

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