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I have the luxury of never using Tinder. The downside is: "swipe left/right" is ambiguous. I'm not sure which way I'm supposed to swipe. Is "swipe left" _to_ or _from_ the left side of the screen?


Apple Mail on macOS leaves parts of encrypted emails in plaintext

> Sierra to Catalina affected
> No official fix available
> Hacky hack hack countermeasures available
> Apple has known since July


D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

owners, are you able to charge your controllers with micro USB cables that _didn't_ come with your system? All of my "third party" cables do nothing for the controllers.

Hardcore Typescript 

Amendment to the IPv6 standard which requires all hosts to send a "nice" packet when they encounter a 69 anywhere in the address

it's one concurrent b-tree index create, Michael. how much could it cost? 10 seconds??

Is there a Nitter/Invidious-like site for Medium?

The comment on the Coldplay Wikipedia photo is so passive aggressive

@spookcentral the article says that they hope to apply the research to people with disorders that affect speech, it is literally "we have ways of making you talk"

"You've just done the coding equivalent of picking a sandwich up off the floor and dusting it off."


Would you rather be forced to use Outlook or JIRA for the rest of your life?

1000x yes! Chat DMs silo information, exclude others, and are generally exclusive.

Article: Private Messages are not Inclusive

@mastonaut Hello! I was wondering if a universal timeline (combined toots/rely's/dms) was a planned feature? Thanks for the great app!

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