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I visited earlier this week and it was as usual. I really love the city, and early spring days makes it even better.

My next talk starts in a bit under an hour. Join me here to learn how is organized:

The QA will be joined by Magnus Hagander
- the main developer of the pgeu-system.

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Click the names you are familiar with.

If you understand the pupose of this poll, boost the post to get more sample data.

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I just cancelled my #EFF membership and will not be spending to them, can also not recommend anyone to do that.

The reason?

It looks like they are looking to push forward "Web3" and cryptocurrencies. Both bullshit, speculative technologies that create more real problems than they solve.

If you are an #EFF member, maybe consider sending them an email cancelling your membership demanding them to change course.

For 2022, I will shift from automotive onboard software and infotainment, to trying to save life with ML/AI and more at Autoliv Research. Read all about it: :-)

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Guest blogging about the 6 book I'm working on:

Big thanks to The Qt Company for making this possible. Also, don't miss my talk on the same topic during Qt World Summit tomorrow!

Did I just buy a keyboard... damn - it turns out I did...

On day later. We're making progress. It is almost fscked up, but we can do better. Let's turn it all to mud!

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