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As event organiser you can use #CovPassCheck from #fdroid to check the vaccination or recovery status of guests with #FreeSoftware on a device without Google Play Services. #FreeYourAndroid

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Nu är vi tillbaka! 🥳

Vi kickar igång säsongen med att titta på vad #fsf tycker om #GitHub:s nya artificiella parprogrammerare #Copilot. @PINE64 har en ny spännande produkt, #firefox tappar användare och #Linux fyller 30 år!

Det, #foss, #opensouce, #floss och mer. Häng med! 🚀

The is in vacation mode, but we still have an episode for you. This time we talk to Josef and Gustav from about their latest release, , and more.

Listen to it

I never really enjoy doing frontend coding, but today I hate it.
Trying to mix parceljs + vuejs + vuelayers to play with openstreetmap and all I get is this crap:

Uncaught TypeError: Incompatible receiver, Map required

I don't even know where to begin.

And the stack is developed using TDD. You can always test more...

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It is too warm. I spent the afternoon writing unit tests. Check coverage, invent test, check coverage, invent test, rinse and repeat. At least no major bugs found, just a couple of undefined behaviors that have been straightened out.

Fun debugging since yesterday. I upgraded my @NextCloudPi and it said that port 443 was down, so I ran certbot manually, then spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why I could access it via the IP number, but not the URL. Turns out my had lost the will to live after 2+ years (it needed a reboot, nothing serious) and that I, in my infinite wisdom, made sure that the external URL matches the internal IP when on my network in the pihole DNS table... 🙂

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Macintosh classic CRT for sale, salvaged from a damaged mac.

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@alice There’s a growing understanding that “containers” are not helping much in way of reproducibility—Docker images are generally not reproducible to begin with. Growing awareness in both “reproducible science” circles and industry, as in . I’m full of hope! :-)

I'm happy to announce that all talks from 2021 are available at, a instance. You find the playlist here:

You can also find the video links, abstracts and additional material here:

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Halloj! 🚀

Ni har väl inte missat att vi kör vårat första live-avsnitt på #fossnorth på söndag, 13:00-15:00? Se hur det går till och delta. ❤️

Dyker det upp några frågor på #TrevligFråga så tar vi upp och svarar på dem! Möteslänk dyker upp här när det närmar sig! 👌

Läs mer här 👇

Technically, it is already Saturday - but let's call it Friday. Regardless, it is time for another . This time we talk to Emil Wåreus from about project health, compliance, and more.

Me and the 9yrs old now have a working workflow from blockbench to his android phone with cardboard via Godot. His mind is officially blown! 😁

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#lazyweb - a simple, responsive bloat- and trackerfree #jekyll theme with simple media support, ideally supporting #peertube and #pixelfed and maybe even #mastodon for comments? Any hints?

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