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@debian @kde most of my experiences come from a range of OEMs encountered during my years, but the conclusions are general enough:

In order to actually succeed in building products around open source, you need to scratch your own itch.

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@debian @kde the talk was recorded (you can probably find it if you look in the room 2 broadcast from yesterday - room links are here:

I also put the slides here:

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Yesterday I did a session on in cars at . To stay with the topic, I did the talk from inside a car, off a laptop running Linux ( @debian with @kde plasma, to be more exact).

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Today we are live-streaming 📺 all talks directly and via YouTube. Check out

for links.

Of course, if you registered, you can attend through KDE's Big Blue Button too.

It's which means that it is time for another . This time we talk about the @creativecommons licenses. Enjoy!

Rainy day hacking. Of course the street lights of the model train set needs to be controllable from a web service.

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I was notified that @tateisu's Mastodon app "Subway Tooter" has received a warning from the Google Play Store citing user-generated content that "incites discrimination".

A Mastodon app does not host or promote any content. The user types the address to connect to. The responsibility of moderating resides with that server. So unless Google is going to drop Chrome, Firefox and Opera from its platform, this is completely out of line.

Source in Japanese:

So, 935 mails to process. The achive button will be working hard today.

Just pushed a small update of . Now with an <audio> element for each episode, and an RSS feed that we hope iTunes will appreciate.

Do tell if there is anything else that needs to fixing!

It is Friday and we've got a treat for your weekend: the first episode of three on license compliance.

You can view it here: or find the podcast at .

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