I really enjoy people how DM on me "hi!" on the company chat when I've set my status to busy/away/do-not-disturb. What am I supposed to do with that?

Either it is urgent and you tell me what you need in the very first message, or you write a mail.

Yay! Found my old chip puller and pusher when cleaning the garage. I remember upgrading the RAM of an old AT by scavenging the chips from an XT. I can't recall if it worked, though 😉

@joacim pinebook pro. Arm based laptops for the masses 😉

@m_eiman @bjoreman I'm not sure what ports it is using, as it is a torrent based protocol. Perhaps that could be the issue. I just tried conf.tube and it works here. Perhaps you can try conf.tube/videos/watch/a0f6129 - it took ~5s of spinner to start playing for me just now.

@Ranunculus @bjoreman most probably. Also, written dutch and swedish are very similar. Usually you can read headlines, and sometimes whole texts, given that you know the context.

It's time for another . This time we talk to George Hosu about Dual Licensing. This is because he choose to blog about the topic where we are doing a series on and business models. Check out the episode here:


And George's blog post here:


Always nice to start the day with an episode of with yourself in it 🙂


We're talking , including , , , and more. All in .

Also - very impressive reaction times from @bjoreman . Quick chat in the morning, recording in the afternoon, and released within 20h of initial contact. ;-)

Do you know a (group of) student(s) who wants to work with me on legal tech? masterthesis.cms.chalmers.se/c

I'm working in a company trying to understand legal court cases better to help the world fight less and settle more.

Very happy to announce the 2020 part II program. We have a range of speakers lined up - check it out here: foss-north.se/2020ii/

We have @ahf and Georg talking about Tor, Carol Chen talking about the Ansible Community, Lars Brinkhoff covering ITS, Simon Ser will talk about Linux Kernel Mode Setting, Ramón Soto Mathiesen will talk about Domain Driven Design, and @bunniestudios will talk about

Enjoy it all on November 1!

re: The Web Needs to Die: A Long Rant 

@wolf480pl @if @docskrzyk yup. The only upside of web is the immediate deployment.

re: The Web Needs to Die: A Long Rant 

@wolf480pl @if @docskrzyk I would argue the opposite. Or even that it is about what you are used to. I'd prefer Qt any day of the week, and much rather GTK+ over web. But that is where I come from.

@selea this is inland. Skagern by Hova. Plenty of älgflugor är mushrooms 😉

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