@pettter what the heck! That sucks. I guess it is a subdomain under the university domain, so you can't really do anything about it, right?

@ajroach42 GENIVI used to have an implementation of this. I wonder if their github still is available.


@ajroach42 now you got me confused. I read it as Atari ST TOS, ie Tramiel Operating System.

@prosaluxemburg we should build one! Let's base it on Django + activitypub.

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Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

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@fossnorth opens online tomorrow, April 20 and runs for two days. Watch talks on QEMU, React, Secure Boot. FSFE is holding its annual (closed) LLW meeting, and the general public will be able to participate (virtually) in group community activities.


It is just one week left until 2022! This year we run the conference in parallel to 's LLW. Check out the program here: foss-north.se/2022/schedule.ht

@ajroach42 you should look at European movies. I'd say you'd find quite a lot of that in Sweden. Even with actors who now are established in the US, eg Skarsgård, Stormare, et al.

I visited earlier this week and it was as usual. I really love the city, and early spring days makes it even better.

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