I visited earlier this week and it was as usual. I really love the city, and early spring days makes it even better.

On day later. We're making progress. It is almost fscked up, but we can do better. Let's turn it all to mud!

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I never really enjoy doing frontend coding, but today I hate it.
Trying to mix parceljs + vuejs + vuelayers to play with openstreetmap and all I get is this crap:

Uncaught TypeError: Incompatible receiver, Map required

I don't even know where to begin.

Me and the 9yrs old now have a working workflow from blockbench to his android phone with cardboard via Godot. His mind is officially blown! 😁

that without the language flag, skips all umlauts (åäö). So, let's reprocess 171 / 580MB of pdfs...

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