Solving the boringness of practicing maths by turning it into a game. It needs some more polish, but it already does the job.

Leaving , realizing I'm now a full hallway track conference goer. My feet hurt, but it feels nice to meet the community f2f.

Not all engineering problems are software. I found the keyhole, now I need to figure out which key to use. Also, let's not forget to empty the house of water...

I'm trying to pick up some @godotengine now that I have to rest a week. Now I have something basic in place.

(the framerate is excellent - it is the gif that is shitty)

So, when I drink I always wake up early. Just took the bike back to where we celebrated my wife's and my 40th birthdays and started cleaning at 5.20. Was just told that I'm an idiot when I texted her to come pick up me and the stuff.

Status project on the tree. It has lost some leaves in the drought, but the current state looks healthy.

Today I took the kids and wife on a mini adventure. We visited brobacka kaffestugan, and the walked down the abandoned path to the old train station and walked the tracks to the world's first tunnel made using dynamite.

The darkness made the 7yrs old gasp, but he dared to enter and have a peak. He did not want to walk through, though.

The tunnel is curved due to an engineering mistake, so when entering, you won't see the light in the other end. Very spooky.

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