I tried @FreeCAD to make an enclosure for my home automation control panel for and wrote about it!

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@e8johan @FreeCAD Nice read and FreeCAD is really an awesome piece of software.

I’m somewhat in the same scenario myself when it comes to 3D printers. I have put in so many hours on current setup and it still is not reliable enough but that perhaps is the result of frankenstein.

Any particular reason why you landed on Creality, if I may ask? :)

@0xedd1e @FreeCAD I picked Creality solely due to local price and availability, as I wanted the printer for a specific date.

I like it so far. It suffers from some "hair bridges" but they are easy to clean up with ones fingers, so I don't really mind.

@0xedd1e @FreeCAD I just noticed you're Swedish. I got it from

@e8johan @FreeCAD Thanks/tack for the info! ABL works fine as well? That has been something I have been struggling with for ages using a BLTouch.

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