@e8johan 30 USD (more than for the watch!) for freight to Sweden. Plus VAT on 27 USD, I guess?

@mc yup, 389 SEK in import fees (vat I guess) for 3 watches, so around 1200 sek in total or 400 sek per clock.

I'm pretty sure it's 30 USD for every country, it was for Canada. It's an expedited service, either DHL or UPS in my case. I would have preferred a longer and cheaper delivery option going through national post services.

I can't help but think that shipping so many little parcels from Hong Kong is wasteful. PINE64 announced some time ago they'd set up regional online stores at retail prices & enhanced support. They haven't mentioned it since.

@e8johan @PINE64 @JF I bought the pinetime when it came back in stock and so far its been great. There are definitely things that have to be improved and added but so far its great. Its so much better then my fitbit charge hr was.

Also if you want to fix it the link you posted is http and if its in http it should redirect to https (if you want it to always use https like it should).

@jason123santa re http, I know. I want to migrate the entire blog to a new server and setup letsencrypt there. I just wonder when I'll get it done.

@e8johan Well you do have https setup on the blog right now. All you need is for it to redirect to https

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