I'm looking into some automation of my process of rendering and upluading videos in Kdenlive. I often need to wait for hours until my video is rendered and then check every now and then so that I can then upload it to PeerTube. Is there a way to trigger a script once the rendering job is done?


@jeena can't you generate a script from kdenlive, instead of rendering inside the GUI. I guess you could write a wrapper script around that script that does what you want.

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@e8johan ah, I didn't quite understand the script thing in Kdenlife, I thought it somehow can import some scripts, but now that you mention it yes! That's a great idea!

@e8johan thanks to your thoughts while researching I stumbled uppon thediveo-e.blogspot.com/2016/0 which mentions that when setting up notifications for rendering finished, you can make kdenlive to run a script and you can pass it the path to the rendered file!

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