Always nice to start the day with an episode of with yourself in it 🙂

We're talking , including , , , and more. All in .

Also - very impressive reaction times from @bjoreman . Quick chat in the morning, recording in the afternoon, and released within 20h of initial contact. ;-)

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@e8johan @bjoreman
I'm listening to this right now.
I do not understand swedish at all, but I like the sound of the language :D

@e8johan @bjoreman There is always some words which I kind of understand. There is some similarity to dutch. For example I've heard you say «justen» (i have no idea how it is written, but it sounds like the dutch word «juist» or «juistern» which depending on the region is pronounced similar to what I've heard from you.
My guess it also means something along the lines of «correct», right?

@Ranunculus @bjoreman most probably. Also, written dutch and swedish are very similar. Usually you can read headlines, and sometimes whole texts, given that you know the context.

@e8johan @bjoreman a coolt :D fediverse på Svenska och jag ser en länk till mig i shownotes med :D

@e8johan @bjoreman I've tried to use peertube a few times, but all I ever get is a spinner and no video. Is there some magic that needs to be done to make it work? Tried both Firefox and Safari, same result.

@m_eiman @bjoreman I'm not sure what ports it is using, as it is a torrent based protocol. Perhaps that could be the issue. I just tried and it works here. Perhaps you can try - it took ~5s of spinner to start playing for me just now.

@e8johan it works! I suppose it's a matter of missing data sources in the other videos I've tried.

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