So, this is what my evening hacking session turned into:

At least, now it works again.

@e8johan I would like to use Bahnhof but when I tried to switch to them in 2016, they would not give you an IPv4 public IP by default. I asked for on, waited for a week with little updates from them, I got fed up and rescinded the contract. Is it easier to get a public IP nowadays?

@returntrip apparently it depends on your fibre operator. I have Alingsås Energi + Bahnhof, and then it was no issue.

@e8johan ah... that makes sense. I dread switching over again just to try.

@returntrip I completely sympathize to that. Also, ISPs have a tendency to over sell. Yes, Telia, I'm looking at you. (can't sell 60mbps ADSL connections if there are no slots free in the station, can you?)

@e8johan You are absolutely right. However, in my situation thet are basically the only safe option... cause they probably have a monopoly of the IPv4 blocks.... Sad.

@e8johan @returntrip I believe you can ask Bahnhof for a static address and if they can they will give you one.

@joacim @e8johan yep, at the time, I asked for it, waited about a week and then cancelled the contract...

@returntrip @e8johan They can't do it for everyone though - it all depends who the provider of the physical network is. I'm stuck with IP-Only so I couldn't get one at first but thanks to my ISP they did some hack and I got a static IP address anyway.

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