that's a brilliant graphic! really puts the right perspective on how to feel when it seems everyone else knows more than you.

@e8johan when I first read this I thought it was about the Dunning-Kruger effect and was very confused for a while

@e8johan Impostor syndrome is way more fun if you assume you are a spy for the subgenius underground. You have to bluff your way through just enough to "seem" like you belong where you are at. Report your findings back here and let us know what the Con is up to! #impostorSPYndrome

@e8johan “Impostor Syndrome” bugs me. If I’m around dozens of professionals all desperately claiming that they are real competent, high motivated, experienced go-getters who know how the world works, and they’ll punch anyone who says differently, then I’m the one who has a mental problem, for being fooled by their lies?

@cy that is not impostor syndrome, that is a toxic work environment.

@e8johan oooh yeah that's very true! Impostor symdrome makes me assume people know a ton of stuff and it's definitely been a problem before trying to explain things to people

image description 

Two diagrams depicted. One is labeled "impostor syndrome". It consists of a small orange circle labeled "what I know", which is inside a bigger gray circle labeled "what I think others know".

The second diagram is labeled "reality": it consists of the same small circle labeled "what I know", but this time it's sorrounded by many other small gray circles which overlap with it and with each other, and are labeled "what others know".


@e8johan Why is imposter syndrome shaped like a death star?
Was the death star an imposter? Did it think it was supposed to be a moon, yet knew it wasn't?

@e8johan So this means: The self-declared imposter is only wrong in the assumption that everything the individual knows is also known by "the others".

The self-declared imposter is not wrong in that "the others" know an awful lot more than the individual. However, the problem then is to stop there explaining the world! "The others" is not a singular entity, but a group of individuals who think and act independently. Everybody else knows just about the same amount as the self-declared imposter.

@e8johan still, if everyone around me learns a little new, i am useless

I'd boost this but no image description. Oh well :blobshrug:

@e8johan Yeah, I got that kinda...
only my unique knowledge is where to find dumb stuff :-D

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