I have two jitsi questions. Perhaps someone here can help (feel free to share to increase reach).

For two scenarios: 1 meeting of 10, and 4 meetings of 4.

- How much server load is to be expected for the scenarios. What factors come into play?

- Can I lock a server so that only some users can create rooms, but anyone can join? Is that a jitsi feature, or should I just use basic auth in nginx?

@e8johan 1. You can find some answers in this thread 2. I don’t think that is possible. But “rooms” are just urls so you could configure nginx to reject any url except those from a whitelist. Room creators would ann to the whitelist and restart nginx.

@paolog @e8johan it is possible to restrict room creation, either with actual account, or string tokens. I don't have the exact URL to hand (on mobile ATM) but I was reading about exactly this last week on their forum

The key is to realise the real workhorse is Prosody, under the hood, and that's where most of the config has to happen.

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