Trying streaming solutions for . Currently looking at pushing everything through my machine, so OBS -> YT as a final stage. Now figuring out speaker -> me. I wonder if there is a cross platform multi stream thing available so that I can get separate streams of the speaker and the slides/screen.

All input is welcome. Please share for reach!

@e8johan Perhaps there are some WebRTC thing out there. Not sure.. the only one that comes to mind is

@shellkr @e8johan is a better choice imo compared to :)

Sadly, peertube offer no livestream support yet. Would be handy if it did already :(

@selea @shellkr it's leaning towards a mature closed source setup this time around. Technical stability is more important than purity this time. And hopefully the outreach will compensate for that many times. I'm talking to schools the region now, so this could be huge.


I can fully understand that in this situation!
But I do hope that a more open and free platform will be used in the future :)


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