Interesting evening.

Started the preparations for upgrading a linode server. I really need to upgrade the distro, but first, let's get to stable grounds.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade

Kept some of my changed configs, rebooted to ensure a clean restart and...

... no network. Nothing. Fixed it.

After that, no php. Had to tweak the fastcgi_params file to get nginx and php to play nice again. Now, all that is broken is gitlab, but I need to sleep before I tackle it.


Couldn't sleep, so now the gitlab instance works too. The redis.conf broke from the upgrading (redis refused to load with the old config file) and apparently the unixsocket had to be re-enabled...

Now everything should work again. Let's do the brave upgrades tomorrow! Debian testing, here I come!

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