Happy to announce Patrik Fältström as one of our speakers at 2020!

Details and tickets can be found here: foss-north.se/2020/

Busy days right now! Extremely happy to announce Red Hat Ansible as a Gold Sponsor! They will also organize the Ansible Contributor Summit Europe on the Community Day!


A friendly reminder that the Call for Papers for is closing in just a few hours!


We're finally open for business! Get your tickets while they are hot!


New app made with @godotengine - ordmonster - an app for training basic reading skills. Currently Swedish only - but ready for i18n.


Ny app ute - mattemonster följs nu av ordmonster - en app för komma igång med läsningen.


Fler ord / bilder kommer att läggas till löpande!

I'm in a pod! kodsnack.se/349/

Swedish only. We're discussing Godot, foss-north, degoogling, and more.

Dear lazyweb,

I'm working on a learn-to-read style app. Does anyone know of a nice, clip art style, open source collection of images of things and animals?

Very happy to announce Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder and Frank Karlitschek as speakers at . If you want to join them the Call for Papers is still open: foss-north.se/2020/contribute.

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I'm really excited that the swedish host GleSYS wanted to sponsor our (swedish) project @Linuxkompis! I'm looking forward to changing the forum software to something better and being able to host our own public swedish XMPP-server. :)

Taxi at 4.30am is "interesting" after 2 weeks of relaxed mornings and sleeping in...

Hotel and flights for booked. Will be in Brussels Thursday - Monday.

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