so, I have a dinner date today. I added one hour margin to be able to get there in time, and then I forgot. Now I'm alone in a restaurant for 1h15 😃

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Datormagazin Retro #4 är nu förbokad till 89% och ni har till den sista september att boka. Har ni inte förbokat ert nummer ännu är det hög tid att göra det nu!

I got this amazing ball cow from my daughter. I challenged her to make one and she delivered!

Time for the next . This time we start talking about business models.

Direct link:

Podcast home:

Dear fediverse,

Should I invest in getting used to for the , or reinstall with ? How well does Debian run on the pinebook pro? How well maintained is it on the pinebook?

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To extend this metaphor a bit more

A ballpoint pen is something that literally everyone finds useful. It does its job and does it very well, and you hardly even think about it. It is universal.

The Saturn V is super cool but it is not useful for anything outside of one very specific problem and that is a nation state sending people to another world.

Basically every software designed for the daily user should take its cues from the ballpoint pen. There's a place for Saturn V software, but that place is, like, CERN, not your webshit thing.

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A future where we truly own our content and can leave centralised platforms of any kind. I’d be happy to help should you want to try. The future is decentralised IMHO. 2/2

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Got some amazingly good news for a colleague! What a nice way to end a really long day!

How long do you prefer the videos?

It's time for another . This time we discuss contributor agreements with Catharina Maracke .

You can find the episode here:

and here:

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Looking for a job in Berlin 

I am looking for a mini-job in Berlin. I have an MA in theoretical linguistics and German literature and 4/7 of my studies of BSc computational linguistics.

I did a lot of stuff including coding but mainly did care work in the last 10 years.

Boosts are welcome.

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If you are interested in mobile-desktop convergence, then you may also be interested in the talk I will be giving in a few hours in . Join me at 16.30 UTC.

@debian @kde also, it's a great excuse to put pictures of cute animals in corporate presentations 😉

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@debian @kde so, long story short. Scratch your own itch was something I thought was a fun statement from hackers such as myself some 25 years ago, but it turns out it is key to transforming entire industries.

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@debian @kde you have to scratch your own itch, meaning that you - at least - need to integrate your own software.

Doing that gives you a starting point to then develop selected components, upstream and cooperate with the community, and so on.

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@debian @kde if you pay someone else to build a function for you, and encourage them to use open source, they will do so in a way to scratch their itch. This will not sole your core issues, eg maintainability, vendor lock-in, access to smart people in the community. These are not itches to your suppliers, that is how they keep you hooked.

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