Couldn't sleep, so now the gitlab instance works too. The redis.conf broke from the upgrading (redis refused to load with the old config file) and apparently the unixsocket had to be re-enabled...

Now everything should work again. Let's do the brave upgrades tomorrow! Debian testing, here I come!

Interesting evening.

Started the preparations for upgrading a linode server. I really need to upgrade the distro, but first, let's get to stable grounds.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade

Kept some of my changed configs, rebooted to ensure a clean restart and...

... no network. Nothing. Fixed it.

After that, no php. Had to tweak the fastcgi_params file to get nginx and php to play nice again. Now, all that is broken is gitlab, but I need to sleep before I tackle it.

Challenging to run when someone has driven a harvester along the path. Still got to appreciate the approach to take out some trees and not cut it clean.

I counter the cold and snow (in the air, but not on the ground) with pics of my fresh potato plants (in the greenhouse) and onions (outdoors). Take that!

Listen to Anders Roxell from Linaro talk about Continuous Integration of the Linux Kernel on Hardware at

@cybette talks about how community management is like conducting an orchestra - you need to wave your hand a lot

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Tomorrow evening at 20:00 (Central European / Swedish Time) I'll be collaborating on a podcast together with the guys from Montreal Sauce which they'll live stream on

There is a IRC channel linked on that page if you want to join the discussion!

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Our podcast is NOT live tonight, but at a special time tomorrow, Friday April 26. Why?

We're going to chat with our friend in Sweden, @jeena about #indieweb, open source, podcasting, metal and more.

The times (we think :D )

12pm MNT, 14:00 EDT in North America and 20:00 Central European Summer Time

Video of Anna Ossowski talking about Flourishing FLOSS - how to make your project successful at

Ramon Soto Mathiesen talks about Limiting side-effects of applications at compile-time at

Next up is Adriaan who is talking about Calamares - the Linux installer framework.

Listen to David and Tereza talk about the RedHat Component-based Design System and Development at

Watch Michael Kerrisk (mr man-pages) talking about Understanding user Namespaces at

Next up is Magnus Hagander talking about PostgreSQL gotchas for app developers at .

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