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Do you have an abundance of 2.5" 300GB SAS hard drives? Could you spare 8 of them? Could you also ship them to Scotland?

I've got a Sun Enterprise T5120 for the #HamBSD project but no hard drives. I'd like to use this as a sparc64 build machine, and perhaps also other project related things.

Boosts welcome.

More fun with . I don't have the patience to wait for the kids to complete the graphics, so I wrote a blog post now.


Mamma Mu-filmen och fredags öl. Livet som förälder...

I've been fixing the current conf.tube setup of . When I uploaded the videos, there were no playlists, so each year of foss-north is a different channel. Now I've put them all into separate playlists under the common channel foss-north here: conf.tube/video-channels/fossn . This is where future videos will be added too.

A new season of is coming. What do you want to learn about?


BTW, we are looking for venues in Gothenburg. It is a great way to show your company to the local open source community.

Not all engineering problems are software. I found the keyhole, now I need to figure out which key to use. Also, let's not forget to empty the house of water...

I'm trying to pick up some @godotengine now that I have to rest a week. Now I have something basic in place.

(the framerate is excellent - it is the gif that is shitty)

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What locations would you recommend in Berlin for a 2-day conference with talks + an area for info booths/hanging out? Need a ~250 people capacity. #followerpower




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