It is time for yet another podcast episode. This time we're chatting with Olof Kindgren about and .

Listen to it here:

Just spent 3h debugging to realize that I had to check a box to expose secrets to github actions for pull requests...

Private beta, day zero. Three support mails this far. One missing feature, one improvement suggestion and one password issue (user could not log in). Better than expected. Let's see how the coming week goes. Might dare to open the beta a bit.

It is time for another - this time we meet up with Burkhard Stubert to discuss and license compliance.

Listen to it here:

Migrating my to a new harddrive. rsyncing 3TB between spin disks will take a long time...

It is time for another . This time we meet with Matija Šuklje and talk about open source, compliance, patents, and surströmming!

Does anyone here know of a good text-to-speech engine? I'm trying to render Swedish. I've played with espeech, Google's TTS and Amazon Polly. It turns out that GTTS with WaveNet voices is magically good, Polly is good enough, while espeech sounds like my Amiga did back in the late 80s/early 90s...

Is there any FOSS alternative out there that actually works?

I ended up spending the evening (well, it's approaching midnight, o so perhaps I should say night) creating a reference project for combining and using . This is an embedded engineer trying to do web, so tell me what I'm doing wrong!

(datasets is on my todo)

Very pleased today. My side project is finally back to feature parity having gone from plain js + engineering style UI/UX to Vue and a draft designed by an actual designer. Soon it is time for the closed alpha!

What better way to start a new year than listening to the next episode of the - this time we shift towards open source in our discussions with Kim Lantto from .

Enjoy it from here:

Got this when was the transition path from to . Those where the days!

Today's blog post turned out to be a bit long. Read it here:

It's about , and such things.

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The season holidays are approaching and at the we end the year with a discussion with Kim Lantto from on

Check it out here:

Since I know I won't win, I think I ended up on the best of positions in leaderboard.

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