Videos from the last of 2018 done. Find them here:

Talks about Mender by Mirza Krak, and reverse enginerring by Philip Karlsson from MIGIC.

Thanks to ictech for hosting!

Today is end of month day. All expenses have been reported. All invoices sent. Now - vacation time!

Converting the site to Jekyll in preparation for the event. Will be online soon-ish (I have some details to figure out first).

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The registration for curl up 2019 is open! - curl history, present and future plus lots of those internet protocol deep dives.

I visited iTiden and 46elks yesterday and talked at their . The theme was "My Open Source Story". You can find the slides here:

Sad to realize that Open Source Days in Copenhagen is cancelled this year (info online now: I will speak on the same topic at Tech Day by Init in Stockholm on Nov 29.

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FOSS North (Gothenburg) will be in April 7-10th next year which will be awesome. These are just the first interested so it will be awesome @irina can I nag one of you guys from Krita to come? Pretty please? 😃

Jacob Mossberg at talking about running the code shown on the CPU shown!

Just spent an afternoon bootstrapping and we already have and @debian onboard. Exciting!

On more week until we nerd out again! Join the next and learn about C on bare metal. Reserve your seat (for free) here:

I completely missed that the meetup group passed 150 members. Can we make it 200?

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