It is time for the sixth installment of the series on Licenses and Copyright. This time we cover modern permissive licences such as Apache-2.0, CC-0, zlib, libpng, MPL-2.0, and more.

Watch it at:

Patrik Fältström's talk from 2020 is now available at YouTube. Learn about common time in large networks and more.

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Episode 5 of our series about Copyright and Licenses is out, it's about "Classic Permissive Licences":

Me @e8johan and two other friends are making a full series about Licenses on YouTube, here is a link to the full playlist:

I'm not sure I intended to handcraft this... oh well...

has finally reached some actual licenses in our licensing series. We start with the Classical Permissive Licenses such as MIT and BSD.

Listen to us ramble here:

I finally got aroudn to writing about my photoframe and home controller: . Check the date on the frame in the photos to realize how long I've had this planned.

It is hard to beat this. Maybe just a few more degrees of water temperature.

The fourth episode of our copyright and licenses series is out:

We've finally reached and licenses

The third episode of the series on free and open source licenses is up. This time we have a look at the history of free and open source. Check it out here:

Daniel Stenberg's talk about how to curl better is now available from YouTube at:

I really miss . It's the first time in ages I haven't been there for two months...

The feeling when you end up debugging your own stupidity rather than code... major revert, change a flag in the input data, and it turns out it all worked from the very beginning. :-)

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