I've been using Mastalab for a while now and I'm not entirely happy. For instance, I think I miss notifications. What do you use for on ?

Very happy to announce Mullvad - the VPN service - as a sponsor to

The early birds tickets are still available - get your's here: foss-north.se/2019/tickets.htm

Happy to welcome Jan Jongboom as a speaker to . He will talk about Mbed OS, or how to fit 17k contributions into 32kB of RAM.


Get your early bird tickets here: foss-north.se/2019/tickets.htm

The ticket sales for has begun! Join in the fun and visit Gothenburg in the beginning of April. We offer community rooms, a two day conference and additional training.


Glad to welcome Endian Technologies as a sponsor of !

Very pleased to announce Mirko Boehm as a speaker at . He will be talking about Open Source, Standards Development and Patents in Europe.

See more here: foss-north.se/2019/speakers-an

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Very happy to welcome @Semcon as a sponsor of

They have been with us all the years and we appreciate their support!

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We are proud to have played our small part in InSight's . Congratulations NASA!

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Also FYI: Set your clocks for tomorrow when InSight is set to land on Mars.

NASA livestreams the whole thing nasa.gov/nasalive

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