The community will be awesome. I'm truly blown away over the interest for this, so let's make sure it is a great day and we can do it again next year.

Fell asleep while putting the kids to bed. Woke up at 10pm. Did 2h of quotation work. Still couldn't go back to sleep. Had to get up at 6am. Really looking forward to 10h of workshop today. 😬

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Matrix 1.0 - Are we ready yet? We need your help to spread the word, tell your friends, your enemies, your acquaintances, people you sometimes see on the bus. Let's get going!

Spent a couple of hours doing a game with my six years old. Very rewarding. The sun rotates and moves across the sky and you can move the figures using your mouse (you direct one and the other follows).

What a great Friday! The entire schedule for is done. Check it out here: .

Make sure to get your ticket now! We're filling up fast. 123 tickets are already gone!

Cleaning out an old drawer. This has not been used in a while 😜

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Volker Krause introduces KPublicTransport, a library to "access dynamic data for your current mode of transport". It enables apps to inform you of delays, cancellations, gate or platform changes - making your trip easier to re-plan when problems arise.

116 of 200 tickets for already gone. Make sure to get yours at .

Also - don't miss our add-on trainings. Get started with embedded Linux or learn to *really* understand linking.

The schedule is filling up:

Speakers are invited in stages, so don't panic if you have not been accepted yet.

More then 100 seats out of 200 are already gone. Make sure to get your ticket!

Want to get started with embedded Linux? Combine with a training by Chris Simmonds.

Learn more and get your tickets here:

Curious about *really* understanding dynamic linking. Combine with a training delivered by Michael Kerrisk.

Learn more and get your tickets here:

The call for papers has closed. A big thanks to everyone who contributed!

We've started the review and scheduling process. You can check out the talks as they are confirmed here: .

Don't miss it - get your tickets now!

A fun experiment for next week. I'm asking all speakers for their twitter handles as well as their handles. Let's see who has one - and who gets one!

Just booked a business trip in German until I realized I could change the language of the site to English...

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