The people on the table next to me are discussing how to "speed up" an old computer. The machine is from 2004. The theory is that moving from Vista to Win10 will solve everything. Apparently the windows version correlate to performance in their world.

Using all my will power to shut up.

Happy to announce Patrik Fältström as one of our speakers at 2020!

Details and tickets can be found here:

Busy days right now! Extremely happy to announce Red Hat Ansible as a Gold Sponsor! They will also organize the Ansible Contributor Summit Europe on the Community Day!

A friendly reminder that the Call for Papers for is closing in just a few hours!

We're finally open for business! Get your tickets while they are hot!

New app made with @godotengine - ordmonster - an app for training basic reading skills. Currently Swedish only - but ready for i18n.

Ny app ute - mattemonster följs nu av ordmonster - en app för komma igång med läsningen.

Fler ord / bilder kommer att läggas till löpande!

I'm in a pod!

Swedish only. We're discussing Godot, foss-north, degoogling, and more.

Dear lazyweb,

I'm working on a learn-to-read style app. Does anyone know of a nice, clip art style, open source collection of images of things and animals?

Very happy to announce Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder and Frank Karlitschek as speakers at . If you want to join them the Call for Papers is still open:

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I'm really excited that the swedish host GleSYS wanted to sponsor our (swedish) project @Linuxkompis! I'm looking forward to changing the forum software to something better and being able to host our own public swedish XMPP-server. :)

Taxi at 4.30am is "interesting" after 2 weeks of relaxed mornings and sleeping in...

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