Just spent an afternoon bootstrapping and we already have elastic.co and @debian onboard. Exciting!

On more week until we nerd out again! Join the next and learn about C on bare metal. Reserve your seat (for free) here: foss-gbg.se/2018/09/foss-gbg-2

I completely missed that the meetup group passed 150 members. Can we make it 200?


Geocaching - hardcore style. Only in my home town: alingsastidning.se/2018/08/mis (in Swedish, but you can translate it to your language of choice)

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Via Lydia and @kde on birdsite:
"Got technical writing skills and want to work on improving @kde documentation? We are looking for you!"

#FOSS #OpenSourceJobs #Jobs

And now for the second video from - Lars Brinkhoff on ITS - The Incompatible Timesharing System


I just bounced into (commonsclause.com/) via redis (redislabs.com/community/common).

What the actual f**k?!

"...this new license is non-open source by definition. However, in practice..."

Talk about trying to look good and then just abusing the name of .

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I was happy, now I'm sad. I just spent an hour digging through the open source tarball from D-Link and ended up with a blog entry: thelins.se/johan/blog/2018/07/

cc @shaddack @dragnucs @mardy @catonano

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If you like the idea of decentralized communication, using federated instances, you could maybe check out peertube. (Seeing as we are all about de-googleing and all)

I just spent the afternoon squashing bugs for . I've neglected that project for far too long. It is good to be back!

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