I was having difficulty with gajim XMPP client, but I got it fixed thanks to Gajim support! @gajim youtu.be/BOQ3bQayRJ0

I got my first spam message today! Sent twice! 😆 What a dumb message!

Today e2e.ee reached 50 chat accounts! yay! 🎉

I have 2 followers on Mastadon! TWO! Whoo hooooo! 💪 😜

I just updated MariaDB database for e2e.ee service. This should be an easy update, but... the apt installer refused to update because of a conflict. After I got passed that problem, the database started, but was bound to the wrong IP address (🤣
This only ever happens in a production environment. The stresses of being a DBA! 🤔 Total down time: 45 minutes.

You can chat securely over the Network at e2eee76tt2ptmcau.onion. Use our web client over tor!

I just got my first follower on Mastadon! That is cool! Thank you @sindastra 😎

Our XMPP service at e2e.ee is 100% compliant with Conversations XMPP client! compliance.conversations.im/se Create a free XMPP account today at e2e.ee and chat with a greater level of privacy!

Yesterday I opened my new website to the world. Anyone care to have a look? I am very proud of it! e2e.ee 😀

Working on that XMPP server... just working and working! This is a much bigger project than I originally envisioned! So many good ideas, and most will have been fully developed, tested and implemented on day one. Coming soon! - edward 💪

Stuff I worked on today: crontab backups for the database and crontab backups for the application server. Also, crontab purge of abandoned accounts. I should have the service ready to launch within 2 weeks. Getting there! 💻 xmpp coming soon to e2e.ee!

I kind of wonder... who will be the first to follow me? :blobwoah:

I have been working on the install of a turn server using coturn software on debian linux. Turns out that if your server cannot do a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address, it won't actually work. Who knew? Not me! :surprised_pikachu:

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