This was stuck in my head and now it's free.

It probably is a lot less funny than I think it is

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"Moooom, can we have Kubernetes?"

"We have Kubernetes at home"

Kubernetes at home

As 2021 progresses my idea for a talk at this years c3 is getting more and more relevant and now I just gotta hope the people who decide who gets a slot agree 🙃

ux "hot" take 

Bad examples would be posts on the Twitter App or products at Amazon.

I know the buttons aren’t that difficult to find if you come there without expectations but simply adding the option to the share menu does not hurt,

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ux "hot" take 

If your context menu for individual sharable objects doesn’t have a share button, I will be disappointed.

I don’t care if it’s visible right underneath the thing.

If it’s got its own context menu, there should be a share option in it.

@yakkoj funnily enough, my new laptop is also a Dell Inspiron ^^

I didn’t want a computer that’s made of plastic and especially for the price it feels extremely well made.

I still like Apple hardware but I just can’t justify the price.

Hardware, money 

I now have three times as many CPU cores with a higher base clock and a way higher boost clock, an iGPU that will actually run most games and the option to install a second SSD as well as upgrade ram because it’s not soldered in.

Everything in a machine that costs about half of what the cheapest MacBook Air does.

Last year‘s mobile amd CPUs are really neat.

I also got a fingerprint reader that I didn’t know I would get which is a nice bonus :D

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Hardware, money 

Welp, not too much later and I ended up getting a new laptop.

The 2016 MacBook Air aged incredibly well for the hardware it’s got, however that hardware is still really weak.

When I wrote that thread I had somehow forgotten how terrible idea IDEs run on it.

After I got the work machine for my new job, I realized that laptops can actually be _really_ fast and bought a cheaper version of it from my last apartment’s deposit.

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Linux poll 

What should I use with my next Linux installation?

It’s for a laptop that I’m going to use mostly for side projects so zoom etc not working won’t be an issue.
(Also I’ve already got an experimental workaround for the screen sharing stuff if I ever need it)


So according to screen time I have spent 7 hours today on a website I’ve never even opened before.

I didn’t use my phone nearly that long today.

Might be time for a factory reset I guess...

ovh fire 

Feeling really happy that I finally set up my servers to automatically backup to storage hosted with a different provider last weekend.

Feeling really lucky because I didn’t chose ovh as the provider for that backup storage, which I had considered.

I‘m also going to speak this Sunday on 15:00 at

However, that talk will be in German and mostly adapted from the one I held at .

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I’m really happy and kind of surprised that both got accepted ^^

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If that’s your kind of thing, you can now look forward to two Talks I’m going to hold at (and lots more held by other people ofc) ^^

Going through the unit tests of a library I found to see if it‘s compatible with my use case and it looks like it is ^^

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Whew, preventing path traversal attacks when part of the scope of your application is to allow users to upload files to (scoped) arbitrary paths is not easy.

Especially if you're developing something that will possibly run on multiple different file systems.

I am against self baking this kind of stuff because it is just too easy to miss something that tried and tested solutions will not but I have yet to find anything that fits my usecase.

While it did hurt a bit to throw away my super awesome self baked api key solution, I'm pretty happy that I managed to switch to jwt tokens in this small app I've been building the last couple of days.

The issue with learning stuff that has existed for quite a while but grown with time is that sometimes you will have outdated knowledge even if you've just learned something.

It took me until two days ago to find out python supports type hinting (and has for quite a while) :/

However, now putting type hints everywhere in my current project is fun :D

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