apple hardware 

Last year I was looking to replace my 2017 MacBook air because it refused to sleep and got kind of slow.

The former issue was fixed with a macOS reinstall and the latter by putting in a larger and faster SSD (and installing Arch for software that runs on it)

Now that my containers no longer run in a VM, I don't see a single component in this computer that is a bottleneck.
(Except for the cooler when playing factorio, but that's more fun on the desktop I built in 2014 either way)

apple hardware 

No component is at 100% utilization during use.

It's kind of funny that even in 2017 people were complaining about the hardware in this thing when I have no issues working with it today.

These M1 Macs look neat and I would love the battery life but I don't really see any reasons to upgrade from my trusty little notebook.

Hardware, money 

Welp, not too much later and I ended up getting a new laptop.

The 2016 MacBook Air aged incredibly well for the hardware it’s got, however that hardware is still really weak.

When I wrote that thread I had somehow forgotten how terrible idea IDEs run on it.

After I got the work machine for my new job, I realized that laptops can actually be _really_ fast and bought a cheaper version of it from my last apartment’s deposit.

Hardware, money 

I now have three times as many CPU cores with a higher base clock and a way higher boost clock, an iGPU that will actually run most games and the option to install a second SSD as well as upgrade ram because it’s not soldered in.

Everything in a machine that costs about half of what the cheapest MacBook Air does.

Last year‘s mobile amd CPUs are really neat.

I also got a fingerprint reader that I didn’t know I would get which is a nice bonus :D

@dysphoricDev I bought a PowerBook G4 in 2003 because back then, Apple laptops were much better value than their competition.

I stopped buying Apple laptops after the 2012 MacBook Air and got a refurb Dell Inspiron 13 in 2015 because MacBooks were just expensive by then.

Much better performance, and I could actually upgrade and repair the thing. I upgraded that to a newer Inspiron in 2018 because I wanted more RAM.

I only have M1 hardware because Apple made an M1 Mac mini.


@yakkoj funnily enough, my new laptop is also a Dell Inspiron ^^

I didn’t want a computer that’s made of plastic and especially for the price it feels extremely well made.

I still like Apple hardware but I just can’t justify the price.

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