There is a constant battle waging on my mail server.
I keep updating my rspamd config and one courageous spammer called Aleksandr keeps updating their spam.

The funny thing is that apart from Aleksandr, basically no one defeats my spam filter.

While it annoys me, I also kind of respect Aleksandr for their perseverance.

I mean, I don't understand Russian so I don't even know much about their mails except that they want me to open some word document but still... I kind of respect them.

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maybe bouncing everything that contains a .docx file with a custom message telling people to not used proprietary document standards if they want me to get their mail would be a solution but I bet Aleksandr wouldn't take more than a month to switch to pdf files.

@dysphoricDev I assume some sort of antivirus filtering wouldn't catch those mails?

@dysphoricDev oh, I get Aleksandr mails as well. I think the first ones were still English and russian, but I can't remember :D

@gRuFtY yes, they switched to only russian at some point, which is a shame since I don't even know how they want me to open that docx .-.

Until about five years ago a significant minority of my spam was addressed to Jeffrey Jenson which left me wishing he'd pick up his own damn spam. It petered out to almost nothing and when the rare one does appear I almost miss not being Jeffrey Jenson every day.

@dysphoricDev I'm reminded of why I generally don't miss running my own mail server.

Back in the day ("the day" being "2009"), I had a somewhat simple strategy of making Postfix pause about 7 seconds when an MTA connected. Real ones waited the 7 seconds to get the greeting. Fake ones didn't bother. That got most all of the spam back then.

It's probably vastly different today, seeing how Dreamhost passes a lot of spam to me :o(

Today, procmail keeps my sanity.

@yakkoj generally spam isn’t a big issue with my setup. It grey lists pretty much anyone it doesn’t explicitly trust and most spam is fire and forget so they don’t bother trying again.

If they do, rspamd checks headers for validity, lists of known spam IPs and does some fancy ai stuff that I haven’t really read enough about to understand and in the end I’m just left with my legit mail and Aleksandr.

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