Going through the unit tests of a library I found to see if it‘s compatible with my use case and it looks like it is ^^

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Whew, preventing path traversal attacks when part of the scope of your application is to allow users to upload files to (scoped) arbitrary paths is not easy.

Especially if you're developing something that will possibly run on multiple different file systems.

I am against self baking this kind of stuff because it is just too easy to miss something that tried and tested solutions will not but I have yet to find anything that fits my usecase.

While it did hurt a bit to throw away my super awesome self baked api key solution, I'm pretty happy that I managed to switch to jwt tokens in this small app I've been building the last couple of days.

The issue with learning stuff that has existed for quite a while but grown with time is that sometimes you will have outdated knowledge even if you've just learned something.

It took me until two days ago to find out python supports type hinting (and has for quite a while) :/

However, now putting type hints everywhere in my current project is fun :D

Me, yesterday: I will write this small project to learn flask
Me, now: *has to scroll to see all tickets on the project's kanban board

Just made the first successful call to a REST api I wrote today in Flask ^^

It's nice to write python again after working almost exclusively with PHP for a year.

Not that there's anything wrong with PHP, I just like variety.

Looks like I‘m gonna talk about accessibility at this year’s CLT ^^

The talk will mostly be an adaptation of what I’ve shown at rC3 but in german language and with (hopefully) better audio quality.

food adjacent 

I now know for a fact that the delivery hasn't even left the restaurant because something I had ordered wasn't available and they just called to ask what we want instead..

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food adjacent 

Lieferando order "tracking": $restaurant has confirmed that your order is being prepared and will be there in $minutes
[shortly before the timer runs out]
$restaurant has confirmed that your delivery will arrive soon

dev tools network tab: only 1 request, fetching a different gif

I kind of doubt that anyone confirmed anything here

Already submitted two talks for , this years first at Easter.

One is about emoji domains and the other about dark patterns, I hope they’ll be accepted ^^

I‘ve got a better Webcam with a working microphone now so the sound quality issues from probably won’t reoccur :D

My CV is written in HTML because that's what I'm good at and that's what I would do in the jobs I apply to.

To make sending it per mail easier I pack CSS and minify everything.

Today I've written an incredibly basic packer using python and a makefile to automate that ^^

I'm working on a second part to my emoji domain blog post and if reading it is as even close to as much fun as researching it, you can look forward to it ^^

apple hardware 

No component is at 100% utilization during use.

It's kind of funny that even in 2017 people were complaining about the hardware in this thing when I have no issues working with it today.

These M1 Macs look neat and I would love the battery life but I don't really see any reasons to upgrade from my trusty little notebook.

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apple hardware 

Last year I was looking to replace my 2017 MacBook air because it refused to sleep and got kind of slow.

The former issue was fixed with a macOS reinstall and the latter by putting in a larger and faster SSD (and installing Arch for software that runs on it)

Now that my containers no longer run in a VM, I don't see a single component in this computer that is a bottleneck.
(Except for the cooler when playing factorio, but that's more fun on the desktop I built in 2014 either way)

I am not entirely sure how this happened to be honest.

I'll just say it's typo squatting myself to prevent others from doing that.

This is good to know, however I won't stop working on reducing that JavaScript download size to zero because main functionality on user facing parts of my blog can work without it.

yo can anyone think of some good rust interview prep questions or technical interview advice in general for a friend going for an interview?

i cannot think of anything

As a child I really wanted "a website" without actually knowing what to put on it.
I think if I knew that there would be a time where I'd launch multiple websites in a single week, I'd be hyped.

Since that child still lives inside me I know because I am kind of hyped :D

I wrote a small blog post, talking about my journey trying to get and use a emoji domain: dysphoric.dev/post/show/9/Emoj

Lets see what my next small side project will be.

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