As a child I really wanted "a website" without actually knowing what to put on it.
I think if I knew that there would be a time where I'd launch multiple websites in a single week, I'd be hyped.

Since that child still lives inside me I know because I am kind of hyped :D

I wrote a small blog post, talking about my journey trying to get and use a emoji domain:

Lets see what my next small side project will be.

Next up: build some drone pipelines to automatically deploy all those little static HTML thingies I’ve built in the last few days.

Never used drone before but it’s free and I really want to try it out.

That is probably the first time I ever reached 100 on all audits (well except for pwa but this really does not need to be one)

I don't know if I should laugh or cry right now.

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I just love how safari colors in the pride flags in the header according to the background colors once you manage to open the site. That did not happen on my desktop.

This is a bug that is too fun to fix, especially since this is basically a throwaway joke site.

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Another fun thing: safari on mobile won't even attempt to open the domain when entered using emoji.

This may be my website with the worst seo ever.

Whatever, since I learned something, I don't consider my time wasted.

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On the bright side, this pretty much useless domain taught me one thing: punycode domains are a pain and should be avoided at all cost.

Here is the wonderful website I created so it's not empty, in punycode to make sure the link works:

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Yesterday I had the wonderful idea of registering the domain 💜🏳️‍⚧️.ws, however since the registrar doesn't support emoji 13, it got converted to 💜🏳⚧.ws, which is totally different punycode (I hope this even displays correctly on here)

My email server does not support emoji in domains so at the moment I can't use it as a fun email address.

This evening was rather frustrating to be completely honest.

maybe bouncing everything that contains a .docx file with a custom message telling people to not used proprietary document standards if they want me to get their mail would be a solution but I bet Aleksandr wouldn't take more than a month to switch to pdf files.

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There is a constant battle waging on my mail server.
I keep updating my rspamd config and one courageous spammer called Aleksandr keeps updating their spam.

The funny thing is that apart from Aleksandr, basically no one defeats my spam filter.

While it annoys me, I also kind of respect Aleksandr for their perseverance.

I mean, I don't understand Russian so I don't even know much about their mails except that they want me to open some word document but still... I kind of respect them.

suicide prevention 

Because I was gifted the domain I decided to build a little page listing some resources for suicide prevention.

It’s static HTML and doesn’t use any JavaScript, so reaching those scores wasn’t too difficult.

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Not bad for something I hacked together in a single evening if I say so myself ^^

birdsite mention 

I‘m also planning on cross posting to a birdsite account I made for the same reason but I want to do that in a way where no meta stuff is crossposted.

I’m wondering if there’s a crossposter that works both ways and allows me to set regexps to stop certain things from being posted on the other account.

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I should probably post something on here too :D

My idea for this account was mostly to have something I can use to talk about tech stuff I do, partially for potential employers, without adding too much personal/ politics stuff to it.

That doesn’t mean I‘m less of a leftist and I will still talk about stuff where politics and tech/ work intersect (which obviously is really common)

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