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I know it's a matter of respect to call everyone by their chosen name, but I"ll never respect Facebook enough to call them "Meta". That just covers up their evil history. They'll forever be Facebook, just like Google isn't "Alphabet".
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New blog post on the upcoming #bonfire beta release: bonfirenetworks.org/posts/beta

"In a few days' time we'd like to invite you to experiment with a 'playground' instance of Bonfire, the federated social networking toolkit for communities. Lots of what you'll see in the Bonfire beta will be recognisable from other social and/or federated apps. There is some functionality that may be a little different with Bonfire as well."

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Just noodling about with a test server of @bonfire and I have to say the ability to add and switch profiles is just awesome.

Not sure if there's a limit to how many profiles one account can have, but even just having two (and 'A side' and 'B side' if you will) is so cool 🤘

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