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"billionaire buys twitter"
"billionaire buys email"

the first happened. the second is absurd.

become unownable.

doing some TUI stuff for fun, and man i have not written an event loop in a looong time

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

lol oh no bitcoin conf is this week. i hope we get a naked dude up on stage or something.

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If we ever get continuous commuter rail between Tacoma and Bellingham, it ought to be called the Taco-Bell Rapid Transit.

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on a whim slept for ~15 hours this past saturday. don't think i've ever done that before. still thinking about it.

Big hello to new fediverse users! If you're starting to feel comfortable here there are other fedi apps to explore that can replace more than just twitter.

yt ->

reddit ->

ig ->

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Sorry everyone, but after all this time, this is the only pic that truly goes hard.

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Another of the more interesting features coming to Plasma: Say hello to _Knotch_!

anybody know if there's a fediverse equivalent of keybase? it seems kinda dead post-zoom acquisition...

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funny how the spotify app has issues connecting after waking from sleep on multiple platforms (linux, mac). i'm used to these sorts of things only happening in linux, so it's a bit of a moral victory.

sad, looks like is no more :sadcat:

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it is odd how in 2003-ish the pro-war capture of the media was so complete, new forms of media had to be invented. Blogs, weird internet radio shows, webcomics, comedy news shows. That was all you had if you were anti-war

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if you lived through the iraq war you should know better than to trust any US journalist about foreign policy. EVERYONE lied. and there were basically zero consequences. some of those people still have national op ed columns

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