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On being "lazy" about software freedom:

Everyone lives a full life. Not everyone gets the same opportunity to pick what fills their life, though. People are busy. They have things they like to do or find easy, & things that are unpleasant or difficult.

People whose life is filled differently than yours, who have different priorities than yours, aren't any more lazy than you are lazy for not picking a more compassionate way to talk about the challenges standing in the way of software freedom.

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signal really telling on themselves with this whole crypto thing. they claim it's being implemented this way for "privacy", but they're just throwing a massive IRS target on their users' backs instead.

finally started playing animal crossing and i love the look of all the UI elements :blobaww:

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mh/ph - 

I haven't been handling stress that well recently. My brain keeps blowing smaller and smaller things out of proportion.

The current theory is that I'm in a sleep deficit and/or my gut health is in a poor state, so I'll see how far sleeping in and eating yogurt gets me.

The good news is that I was able to take today off to decompress. It feels pretty alright so far.

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Never be clever for the sake of being clever
For the sake of showing off

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so now that APIs aren't copyrightable, how can we legally define Mickey Mouse as an API

Springtime weather is here and it feels great. I was trying to figure out why it seems special this time and realized that it's been over a year and a half since seeing this area under serious sunshine. Between the pandemic lockdowns and the wildfires I stayed indoors through all the good weather months last year.

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Had a repair person come by our apartment today, and we mentioned we moved here from California.

They were confused why we moved here from CA, when this city had two feet of snow last year, and isn’t the weather so much nicer there?

We tried to explain just how much the West coast is on fire the past couple years.

I think that one day last year when the entire sky turned red like it was a movie depiction of being on Mars... broke me. And broke a lot of people.

In that climate change grief post-doom-mindset podcast they talked about the coming mass climate migrations within the US.

It’s already happening.

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Your display name is your name, your username is your middle name, and your instance is your last name

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I painstakingly recreated a Mario Paint button in CSS. All the "minimal" css frameworks out there use flat design, which is against everything I stand for, so I had to do something about it.

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1995: Only people on the internet are anarchists, loonies and misfits.

2005: Everyone's joins the internet.

2021: Everyone is now anarchists, loonies and misfits.

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normally a kde/plasma person but excited to take gnome 40 for a spin

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Krita is a free open source professional painting and drawing app for illustrators and 2D animators. It has a big presence on the Fediverse:

➑️ @Krita (main account)

➑️ @kritafoundation (video account)

➑️ @Krita_artists (community account)

Krita is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. You can download from the official site at

#Krita #Art #Painting #Drawing #Illustration #Raster #Graphics #Animation #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Productivity #Videos

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