looks like idle temps are almost 15C lower. looking cool, joker!

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this launcher icon might be the best thing i've ever made. i smile inside every time i go to open an app.

probably the nicest thing an “AI” has ever done for me

my soldering on the upper right, manufacturer’s on the lower left. not exactly aerospace-grade on my part, but should be fine for what it is. i used too much solder on a couple of the larger pads.

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new module on left, old on right. i’ve been wondering if the new one is a knock-off since it’s from bezos-mart. the logo is etched differently and the number on the side is different (71 2E vs. 70 6E). then again the numbers might be related to rev or manufacturing run, so who knows. as long as it works okay.

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it’s solder sunday! after 2 years it’s time to finally replace the busted left stick on this controller.

kinda low-key obsessed with the tanuki from mario sunshine. they're so round.

trying to make my place smell like lemongrass by warming the trimmings on low. it actually seems to be working somewhat.

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