curious about pinephone sales numbers before and after apple's image hashing announcement. might be something. might be nothing.


unfortunately linux phones are not ready for prime time, but in our consumerist society buying one is like voting 3rd party (if you're USian).

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@dvshkn Sort of, but I have bought both an android and pinephone.

I think the linux phones are actually near an important milestone of having good usability for standard communication (phone calls/texting/email/browsing.) That won't be enough for most, but its the first big step to make them daily drivers for some.

@unlofl what sort of distro/gui are you running on the pinephone?

atm i have a librem 5 but i'm not too keen on phosh. i need to try installing plasma mobile since it seems like they've been making good progress.

@dvshkn haven't actually touched it in several months. Want to update my phosh image, also curious about plasma. I started with ubports.

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