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The fedi has led me back to a lot of other indie scenes. At the risk of sounding like an aging hipster, there's so much cool stuff being done by people you've never heard of.

It feels great rediscovering the spirit of that "old web" thing that people keep talking about. It's more awkward coming to terms with the fact that the old web never left, but I unwittingly left the old web.

fedi meta+ 

If you're new to the fediverse try focusing less on individual follows and more on just finding cool spaces. Yeah, it takes some getting used to and requires more leg work, but that's part of what sets it apart. Even though the interface can look very similar to a certain other corporate site this is a fundamentally different medium.

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@dvshkn you're right but it makes me a little bit sad because when i first joined the birdsite, it WAS like this... they lost everything over the years :(

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